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News That Makes Us Barf: Jesse James To Write His Memoirs

So Jesse James really does want to be chased out of America, right? The world’s biggest d—bag has snagged a deal with Gallery Books to write a tell-all memoir. In this book, Jesse will prove to be an even bigger loser by penning intimate details of his failed marriage to Sandra Bullock and his engagement to Kat Von D.

Which means we have to start a boycott now. Do not buy this book! Do not allow him to make money on this. Is the Vanilla Gorilla planning to talk about all his incredibly tasteless sexcapades as well? Is a certain Michelle “Bombshell” McGee going to make an appearance in this excuse for a book? Because if he’s going to have the gall to talk about Sandra, he had better own up to his pathetic infidelity and general grossness.

by (@missmuttoo)

Remember These Two?


Just in case you had forgotten this fact (or forced yourself to): Kat von D and Jesse James are in love. Since it’s the holiday season, let’s just totally forget that he was a rat to now ex-wife, Sandra Bullock. Let’s not even mention that he has his own cheater-moniker, Vanilla Gorilla. Let’s skip over the fact that Jesse spent months wailing about how he “wanted to get caught” bonking, y’know, Nazi strippers. Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, who?

What were we talking about? Oh yes, the love between Kat and Jesse. And since it’s all little ponies and unicorns with these two, Kat needed to spread their joy to the world. On Twitter, of course. Kat tweeted a simple, “<3″ with the photo pictured above. For some strange reason that old Spice Girls song,  2 become 1 is playing in our head. And now we’re just creeped out. Erm, happy holidays!

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The 27 Most Scandalous Alleged Celebrity Mistresses


Cheating in Hollywood is as common place as nose jobs – everyone does it, and everyone denies it. Since the start of the new year alone, both Jesse James and Tiger Woods have f*cked their way to infamy, leaving behind trails of tattooed mistresses and dirty text messages. But the secret sex game is old school, and Sunset Boulevard is littered with tales of two-timing guys who have cheated on their wives with their co-star, nanny, assistant, intern, escort, or whoever else they could get their hands on. Sometimes the mistress is even more famous than the married man she’s bedding, if not before their affair than certainly after.

Some of these ladies went on to land their man, while others posed for Playboy and started failed handbag lines. But long after the sex ends and the scandals die, their legends live on – on Wikipedia at least. Check out the FABlife’s picks for the Most Scandalous Alleged Celebrity Mistresses below.

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