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We’ll Happily be Sir Jaime’s Right Hand! Our Sexiest TV Fantasy Boyfriends

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Dating in real life is no easy chore. If you take it online, you risk a steady stream of creepers and Catfishers who lie about their height and male pattern baldness. In real life, you’re dealing with douches at the bar who murmur things like “What’s your Facebook, sexy?’ with rank beer breath. Thus, it’s incredibly tempting to pretend that the hotties smoldering through our favorite TV shows are our boyfriends. They have perfect abs, luscious hair, flawless line delivery and never sweat — why not?

And there are so many of them to choose from. A fantasy boyfriend for every kind of girl! If you have a supernatural fetish, clearly you’d welcome a little bite from Vampire Diaries Ian Somerholder. Love vulgar, sexually bonkers weirdos with a heart of gold? Cut to Adam Driver on Girls! 

This weekend, take a break from real-life dating and fall hard for our ten favorite — if completely unavailable — TV boyfriends.

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Step Right Up: Guess Which Celebrities These Feet Belong To!


A while back, we had you test your skills at matching sexy legs and with their celebrity owners, so now we thought we’d try the most fetishized body part of them all: feet! Whether they’re stepping elegantly onto the red carpet, fleeing from paparazzi or kicking back into the relaxed lifestyle of the rich and famous, these soles are the reliable foundations for the likes of Lea Michele, Adam Levine, Nene Leakes and more. Let’s see if you can guess whose feet are whose.

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Ian Somerhalder, Chris Colfer, Jensen Ackles And Co. Heat Up The People’s Choice Awards

Best-Dressed Men At People's Choice Awards

Hello, gentlemen! We could not with a clear conscience ignore the proliferation of extremely handsome men at the People’s Choice Awards because they really brought their A-Game. So many sharply-cut suits! Eddie Redmayne and Giancarlo Esposito already made it to our best-dressed list, but we’re talking about you, Ian Somerhalder, all sexy in your classic black tie combination. J.D Pardo did the same in the best fitted blazer and suit we’re see in a long time. Jensen Ackles actually pulled off a deep maroon suit with a black shirt — but it’s impossible to make that man look anything other than gorgeous. Chris Colfer ditched a jacket completely and opted for skinny trousers and a skinnier tie and worked the whole thing like a pro. We’re also giving out props to Jesse Williams who added a little something’ extra to his suit by adding a pair of purple suede shoes. The impossibly good looking Matt Bomer added a little texture to his deep navy suit with a grey pocket square and a Madras-checked shirt. We’re counting The Wanted as one unit — one very hip, way cool unit. Their stylists need a raise. But we’d like to hand the best-dressed trophy to our number one guy, Robert Downey Jr. That grey suit, that pizazz and those metallic sneakers? Take a bow, sir.

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