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Rihanna, Gaga, Kim K. & More: Our Ranking Of The 20 Top Fashion Disasters Of 2012

Top 20 Celebrity Fashion Disasters In 2012

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen a couple of real fashion doozies this year. Whether they were at any one of the major award ceremonies, premieres or just disasters spotted on the street, our celebrities have made some grade-A worst-dressed choices in 2012. As always, as we look back at it all, we thought we would compile said bad sartorial decisions into one big, bad list. A top 20, to be precise. We’ve also compiled the looks in a gallery for you to pore through. We’re going to break it down for you from number 20 right up to numero uno. Feel free to let us know if you agree with the list, and if we missed anyone.

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20. Jennifer Lawrence: We’re so sad that Jennifer is on this list, but her blue, swirl-printed, boob-squishing, shiny Viktor & Rolf dress worn at the People’s Choice Awards gave us a headache.

19. Jessica Chastain: Jessica Chastain is such a beautiful woman but this Prabal Gurung dress, worn at the CFDA Fashion Awards was anything but fashionable on her. It also completely washed her out.

18. Elle Fanning: She may be young, but she’s a total fashionista. So when Elle wore this random Prada mess with those strange platforms by the same brand, to the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiere in L.A. it broke our hearts.

17. Nelly Furtado: The brand of the dress was right — Alberta Ferretti — but the fit was all wrong, as was the crochet, on Nelly Furtado at the Billboard Music Awards.

16. Kourtney Kardashian: A TURBAN? Seriously, Kourtney?

15. LeAnn Rimes: This is one of our least favorite Stella McCartney designs ever, and LeAnn didn’t make it any better by pairing them with those grey shoes at the America Country Music Awards.

14. Chloe Sevigny: This Miu Miu dress worn to the Met Ball felt like a fashion experiment gone wrong.

13. Lindsay Lohan: Too much blush, way fake hair extensions, a cheap-looking satin gown, diamond cut-out with red tear-drops … oh, Lindsay. She could have done so much better to the premiere of Liz & Dick.

12. Katy Perry: This neon green ensemble that Katy wore to the Kids Choice Awards looks like something Kermit threw up.

11. Jessica Szohr: Leopard-print headband? High-tops? Bodysuit? It’s a mash-up of fashion decade trends gone wrong on Jessica at the MTV Video Music Awards.

10. Rita Ora: Rita’s Emilio Pucci jumpsuit worn at the MTV Video Music Awards physically assaulted our eyes.  Read more…

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VMAs 10 Worst Dressed? Katy Perry, Ezra Miller, Nicki Minaj And Others We Hate To List Here

Ezra Miller, Sammi Sweetheart, Katy Perry among the worst dressed at the VMAs

This is always a tough one, guys. You’re supposed to take risks at the MTV Video Music Awards. You’re supposed to be a rock star. But sometimes that backfires. Sometimes you wind up looking like a Christmas tree, and sometimes you’re so scared of winding up on a list like this that you dress like you’re attending a ladies’ luncheon. That’s why we really, really hate to list some of the people we love both here. Taylor Swift, you looked lovely in that white suit — but like you were about to attend an event with your adoptive Kennedy family. And Alicia Keys, you were so close with most of your golden goddess look, until the part where it swallowed your legs. Katy Perry’s gown also could have been improved by a little tweaking. We would have been OK with Ezra Miller looking like a long-lost member of the Black Crowes — he is so awesome in Perks of Being a Wallflower that we love everything he does — but it was distracting from the beauty of Emma Watson’s outfit. And we’ve already mentioned Miley Cyrus borrowing Pink’s steez, but we haven’t yet talked about how she also seemed to be inspired by Morticia Addams. We’re also reluctant to put Nicki Minaj here, since she’s always in a category of her own, but there just seemed to be no unifying theme to her lace bodysuit chauffeur thingy. Our point is, nothing you’ll see here is unforgivable. It’s just, well, disappointing? Peruse the gallery and tell us what you think!

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One More On The Twitter Bandwagon: It’s Jessica Szohr!

Gossip Girl fans — Jessica Szohr is now on Twitter! The actress may not have a verified account just yet because she just joined, but she did tweet this photo (pictured above), saying, “See it’s really me!!! Xx jess.” Is she voguing in that shot? She looks like she’s voguing, right? Girlfriend sure has a bunch of admirers because she’s crossed the 13,000 follower mark in 13 hours. Who knew so many people loved her character Vanessa so much, huh?

Celeb pals have also done their bit in spreading the news. Vanessa’s friend Brittany Snow tweeted, “Welcome to twitter an ol’ friend & one of the coolest chicks I know @iamjessicaszohr xo.” She’s retweeting like it’s going out of style, so if you’re a Jess fan, now’s the time to get in touch! Especially since her character’s off the show now. *Tear*.

[Photo via Jessica Szohr‘s Twitter account]


Taylor Momsen & Jessica Szohr Are Leaving Gossip Girl

While few would be shocked to learn Taylor Momsen will not be coming back for Season 5 of Gossip Girl next year (she was barely in season 4), it may be a surprise to some that Jessica Szohr is leaving the show as well (though, if you’re still watching, you already know Vanessa Abrams will be studying abroad next year). Gee, with Dan Humphrey’s little sister Jenny and his alleged “best friend” Vanessa away, who will he try to make feel like crap instead? Answer: everybody else—as Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate will remain, along with some new blood.

Momsen and Szohr—who respectively have a music and movie careers to focus on—will still be welcome to return as guest stars. While this may be good news for fans of Jenny and Vanessa, we have a feeling there are more prime-time soap fans who wish one would suffer an untimely demise…those always make for a nice season finale.

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Hayden Panettiere’s Sexiest Beach Bowl Camera-Face

Let’s for a second forget about Christina Aguilera flubbing the national anthem on Super Bowl Sunday, and focus on Hayden Panettiere here, at the 5th Annual Beach Bowl held at Victory Park, in Dallas, Texas. By the looks of her expression, one would think she screwed up majorly, right? Not so much, because she won the Most Inspirational Player at the celebrity heavy event revealing, “I won an award – for football. It has to be because the ball hit me in the face.” Will wonders ever cease.

Held one day before the Super Bowl, this years beachy ball game featured Team Palladia with the likes of Josh Duhamel and Joe Manganiello and assistant coach, Matthew Morrison, proving brawn really doesn’t always come up trumps. Beauty either, because they had last years MVP, Marissa Miller, too. They lost to Team Spike that had Panettiere, Jerry Ferrara (who won Most Valuable Player), Jessica Szhor and Chace Crawford. But getting back to this picture, we’re guessing someone clicked right before that ball smacked Hayden in the face. Check out our gallery for more photo’s of sporty stars.[Photos: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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So Many Celebs, So Much Fashion At WWD 100th Anniversary Gala

It would appear that anyone who has ever worn clothes was in attendance at the Women’s Wear Daily 100 Anniversary Gala last night. Fashionistas like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Iman, Anna Wintour, and Michael Kors were there, both Top Chef hosts, Padma Lakshmi and Katie Lee, were there (was that weird?), and then there were the total randos: Henry Kissinger, Jessica Szohr, Alex McCord. Seriously, elbow combinations you never dreamed of were rubbing last night. The one thing they had in common though was that everyone looked amazing. Check out our gallery to see what we mean.

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Kanye West Doesn’t Appreciate Chuck And Vanessa Gabbing While He’s Trying To Focus


Ed Westwick: “God, you never listen, Jessica! Seriously. You make me so MAD! Why are we back together again??”

Jessica Szohr: “Like, I’m wearing a hat ‘n stuff. I can see a pigeon. What are you so mad about, Ed?”

Ed: “My blood is literally boiling right now. All I want to do is watch Andy Roddick at the U.S. Open you care about is some pigeon? Nice one, Andy! Up here! Hey! Andy! I need a new roommate now that Chace moved out! We can talk about guy stuff! So…call me. ”


Jessica: “Bye bye, pigeon!”

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Chuck Bass Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With Vanessa

Isn’t it awkward when real life mirrors TV? There’s always been bad blood between Gossip Girl man-whore Chuck Bass and Brooklynite Vanessa Abrams, and now the stars behind the characters are emulating their scripted beef. Only, this won’t go away with the swipe of a scriptwriter, unfortunately.

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr (Bass and Abrams, respectively) split up recently because  she couldn’t keep from pawing heir Marco Minuto. Problem is,  you don’t mess with the Basstard and get away with it. It’s a cautionary tale of how dating a co-star can go horribly wrong because the ensuing drama is screwing up the entire cast’s mojo. A source explained, “Jessica still misses Ed and want’s him back. However, he is heartbroken and wants nothing to do with her. Ed has really alienated Jessica from the rest of the cast.”

Sadly, Szohr’s really feeling the heat because of Westwick’s blacklisting. It was Nate’s, err, Chace Crawford‘s birthday last week and while the whole cast was celebrating at Scalinatella, guess who wasn’t invited. When  Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Crawford and Westwick hung out at The Smith, Szohr was banned from the get together. Says a chatty source, “Ed doesn’t want to be around her, he’s still very hurt.”

Not so different from a Gossip Girl episode, is it? XOXO!