by (@JordanRuntagh)

Shia LeBeouf Is Clearly Using Mustache Wax Now

When we came across this picture of Shia LeBeouf hanging out with comedians Jim Gaffigan and Thomas Lennon, our minds came to a screeching halt. No, it wasn’t just because of the sheer randomness of the people gathered in the photo. It’s something much bigger, scragglier and grizzlier. We are of course talking about Shia’s beard, which has now officially reached epic proportions. Is he trying out for a part in Young Santa, the St. Nick biopic that we just made up right now? We hope, because we bet it would be Oscar bait. But truly the best part of his facial hair explosion is how he appears to have waxed the tip of his mustache. It definitely adds to that whole “dastardly but debonair villain” look. We get it, Shia, you’re not a kid anymore! But we’ll still always love Even Stevens.

[Photo: Jim Gaffigan]