Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian And Other Celebs Take to Twitter to Show Their Election Day Support

Politically active celebrities are flocking to the polls in droves today to vote for their 2012 presidential picks, but they’re also taking to twitter to make sure everyone else rocks their right to the big V. While some folks like Donald Trump and Mariah Carey  are posting pics of themselves actually doing the deed, others like Eva Longoria and Lady Gaga are simply showing their support for their candidates via tweet. In the weeks leading up to the election we’ve seen some pretty crazy endorsement stunts come out of the Hollywood community. Remember Snoop Dog/Lion’s instagram or Clint Eastwood’s chair?  But it seems like today celebrities are leaving the political smashing and bashing behind and just encouraging us all to just get out there and vote it up. So no matter who you’re voting for make sure you get up, get out, and let your voice be heard! But before you hit the polls, take a look at how some of our favorite celebs are spending their Election Day. Find out in the gallery below!

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Crime In The Summertime: 14 Celebs Who Behaved Badly (And Got Caught) This Summer

While many celebs spent the warmer months gallivanting in the Hamptons, yachting in the Mediterrean or hitting up [the VIP sections of] music festivals, some were making questionable decisions like staging a protest in Costco, brawling in bars, driving like maniacs and “servicing” themselves in movie theaters. The summer temps brought out “the naughty” in stars ranging from The Biebs to Randy Travis to Fred Willard. Here are 14 celebrities who got arrested, barely slipped by or at the least induced major facepalms this summer.

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Joan Rivers’ Hilarious Costco Protest Was All Over These Little Quotes

The above TMZ video was from Joan Rivers’ hilarious publicity stunt/public protest at a Burbank Costco, where the comedian (and her camera crew) loudly complained that the big box store was violating her First Amendment rights by not selling her latest book, I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me.

“Costco should not be like Nazi Germany! Next thing they’ll be burning the Bible,” she shouted on her megaphone in her signature irreverent way. As security guards began to surround her, she told them, “I know you’re trying to throw me out of your store. This is bigger than both of us. … This is private property that we’ve stolen from the Indians!”

The guards, probably amused by the scene, didn’t make any move to stop Rivers as she warned one customer, “Cynthia, you’re going to be famous,” and proceeded to cuff herself to the woman’s cart.

So what’s all the fuss over? Apparently, Costco took offense to two made-up quotes on the back cover of Rivers’ book: “Wilt Chamberlain: ‘Even if I were alive I wouldn’t f— her.’ Marie Antoinette: ‘I don’t like her. Let her eat sh–.’ ”

For what it’s worth, we’re pretty sure the First Amendment doesn’t prevent Costco from selling what it likes. They did, however, respect Rivers’ free speech enough not to have her arrested. Still, she left unsatisfied. “They kicked me out without giving me any free samples,” she told local station KTLA.

Joan Rivers

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Nicki Minaj’s Groping Saga Begs The Question: What Is Up With Celebrities And Airports?

Nicki Minaj Tweets About Getting Groped At Airport

When it comes to famous people, airports often end up acting the fool. Take Nicki Minaj‘s distressing run-in at London’s Heathrow’s security checkpoint for example. “Pretty sure I was just overtly fondled @ this check point. By a very old lady w/an accent. Word?,” the rapper tweeted yesterday. Nicki also posted a photo of the alleged groper, adding after the fact: “So TSA always takes pics of me while doing their job! But wld u believe they just told ME EYE couldn’t take pics???? Wow. ‪#luckyIMsick.” Yikes, what ever happened to “the customer is always right. And shouldn’t be fondled against their will”?

Nicki Minaj Tweeted Alleged Airport Groper Photo

Now, as far as we can see, there is no way that woman wouldn’t know she was getting overly familiar with the Nicki Minaj. This isn’t Blythe Danner we’re talking about; Nicki’s luggage is probably made out of neon-colored Barbie clothes. We’re not suggesting that famous people deserve to be treated differently during air travel; sometimes that’s the worst idea imaginable (Gerard Depardieu’s urine-soaked adventure, anyone?). That being said, a huge number of celebrity/airline run-ins are just baffling to us. Don’t they know the public cares about celebrities more than anything? Haven’t they heard about the devastating power of Twitter? In addition to Minaj’s bizarro pat down, a host of other celebs have flown the unfriendly skies. Celebs such as:

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Best Celebrity Halloween Pics: The Twitter Edition

Happy Halloween, Fablifers! We’ve already shown you the 40 craziest celeb Halloween costumes, and our 10 faves from this past weekend. But those were all such polished, professional affairs, weren’t they? We’re pretty sure that social networking was created mostly so that we could share hastily snapped pics of ourselves and friends making fools of themselves at Halloween parties. And in that respect — silly celebs in costumes, they’re just like us! The collection below gathers the blurry, the scary, the red-eyed, the not-quite-identifiable and the wish-we-were-there shots that famous people from Nina Dobrev and Lea Michele to Eli Roth and Zachary Quinto posted to their Twitter feeds over the weekend. There are some brilliant homemade costumes in the bunch — a bunch of Glee kids as the Rugrats, Leslie Mann as Kreayshawn — after all, many of these actors started off as geeky theater kids. Some A-listers clearly got professional help with their getups (cheating!). And though some look like lame last-minute costumes, we don’t mind because still love seeing the rich and famous not taking themselves seriously.

Peruse the gallery, steal ideas for tonight, and oooh and ahhh at yet another shot of Heidi Klum miraculously making herself gross.

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Charlie Sheen Bombs In DC, Joan Rivers Still Jealous

Tuesday was definitely a bust for ol’ Charlie Sheen. Not only did he fail to gain full custody of twins Bob and Max in an LA court that morning (turns out judges don’t just throw babies to criminally violent fellows who laugh about ‘bangin’ seven-gram rocks’), that night’s live show in DC failed to lift his (or the audience’s) spirits. According to press reports, attendance was about 75% and walkouts came fast, with a beleaguered Sheen finally muttering “Geez, everybody hates everything” as the audience hollered at him and his interviewer (Choice heckle: “Say something weird!”).

One person who will be glad to hear about the disappointing night is Joan Rivers, who complained to The Hollywood Reporter about the absurdity of Sheen’s success. “I’m so jealous,” she sighed. “He’s filling stadiums that I can’t fill. Without an act! Do you understand? I have an act and I can’t fill Radio City for a week. Charlie Sheen has NO act—he has two bimbo sluts. He’s unhappy and he’s a warlock and filling Radio City? I’m very upset.” Excuse us, Joan, but Charlie’s porn star and pin-up girlfriends aren’t bimbo sluts. They’re goddesses. And the porn star’s off dealing with a DUI charge in Indiana anyway. If it makes you feel better, Charlie probably won’t be filling Radio City at 77—just an admittedly expensive tomb.

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Gilbert Gottfried Apologizes For Insensitive Tweets About Japan

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who was fired yesterday from his job as the Aflac duck after writing a series of tacky, insensitive Tweets about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, has apologized for his behavior. The comedian, who is known for his raunchy humor, deleted all his offending posts and wrote today “I meant no disrespect, and my thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

Some people, like Howard Stern and Joan Rivers, think Gottfried shouldn’t have been fired or even apologized, however. Rivers Tweeted after Gottfried’s firing “That’s what comedians do!!! We react to tragedy by making jokes to help people in tough times feel better through laughter,” and Stern defended Gottfried on his show this morning, saying “[Aflac] hired him in the first place knowing… this guy is offensive… everyone knows what Gilbert’s act is. This was no different.” Personally, we think the Tweets were both offensive and unfunny, making it a double whammy of bad taste, what do you guys think?

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Jon Hamm, Julianne Moore, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger And More To Present At CCMAs


We’ve only got a few more days until the 16th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards airs live on VH1 and, as you’ll see below, the confirmed guest list is really starting to come together. Be sure to tune in on Friday night at 9pm ET to catch some of film and television’s biggest stars!




(SANTA MONICA, CA – January 12, 2011) — This year’s Critics’ Choice Movie Awards will feature an array of presenters including Hank Azaria, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Jesse Eisenberg, Jon Hamm, Ed Helms, Rob Huebel, the Kardashians (Khloe, Kim & Kourtney), Jimmy Kimmel, Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Joan Rivers, Tim Roth, Paul Scheer, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Silverman, Kevin Spacey, Emma Stone and Sofia Vergara. Maroon 5 will also be on hand as this year’s house band performing during the show as well as the live pre-show. The 16th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards will air live on VH1 on Friday, January 14, 2011 at 9:00 PM ET/PT from the Hollywood Palladium.

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