Who’s Having The Best Week Ever? (The Movie Edition!)

It’s that time of the week again. Time to choose who is having the Best Week Ever! Come Friday (that’s tomorrow!) you’ll be sitting down to watch the premiere of Best Week Ever, waiting anxiously for the BIG REVEAL. But now’s your chance to vote on who is having the Best Week Ever, and who knows, maybe you’re choice will take the top prize and all of the glory that goes with.

To help sway your votes, we had a couple of the new Best Week Ever cast members weigh in. Here are your options.

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Beyonce Shows Blue Ivy Sonogram In A New Doc Trailer, Is Basically The Anti-Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster ignited an intriguing discussion about celebrity privacy last night at the Golden Globes after giving a kind of, sort of, maybe coming out speech that dealt more with the problematic idea that celebs have to share the details of their personal lives than any specific sexual orientation. Foster laughingly joked that she wasn’t about to put her life on display like Honey Boo Boo, but…what does that make Beyonce? In case you were wondering how in-depth Bey was going to go with her upcoming HBO bio-documentary Life Is But A Dream, consider the fact that the doc’s new trailer contains a sonogram of Blue Ivy. That’s about as in-depth as you can get without pulling out the colonoscopy photos. (Which we imagine Beyonce is saving for the amazing sequel!)

Now, this isn’t to say we have a problem with Beyonce showing off little prenatal Blue Ivy. Obviously we are fascinated by the intimate details of Bey’s life. “I always battle with, how much do I reveal about myself?” she muses at the beginning of  the promo. If you ask us, it seems like Jodie Foster and Beyonce are just two sides of the same coin: both want to maintain their privacy, both want to control what the public knows about their life. It’s just that Beyonce happens to be okay with letting us peep the inside of her uterus. If she’s fine with it, so are we. Believe us, if Beyonce didn’t want us to know the particulars of her personal life, we would know absolutely nothing.

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The 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globes – Jodie Talkin’ KStew, Anne Showing Eddie Redmayne Her Nails, And More!

The Golden Globes press room is a special place. Packed with reporters in black-tie garb munching on chocolate chip cookies and typing away on iPads, it’s where the winners come immediately after grabbing hold of their statues. On the left side of the room is a photo area, and though it’s blocked off, you can hear the shrieks of laughter and excited, wine-fueled revelry. That’s the vibe of the Globes: It’s a party and everyone, even us dorky journalists, are invited. *Pauses to take bite of cookie*

It’s particularly fun getting to watch the stars have their moment and enjoy it, because they are all generally adorable, awkward and open the whole time. Sometimes it gets straight=up weird, but that’s the whole point of the night, right? Here are the 20 Best Backstage Moments From The Golden Globe — a.k.a. the stuff you didn’t get to see but wish you had —- in no particular order. Because really…how could you pick a fave?

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What Exactly Did Jodie Foster Reveal In Her Epic Golden Globes Speech? We Break It Down

The biggest nail biter  of the night wasn’t waiting to find out who would take home the Golden Globe for Best Actress or Best Picture. No, it was watching Jodie Foster’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award, honoring her incredible 47-year acting career. Seriously, her time on stage had us on the edge of our seat as she flirted with dropping some pretty big bomb shells.  Did she just come out officially? Did she just retire from acting? Let us break it down for you.

She first got our attention by teasing us with a big announcement. “I had a sudden urge to say something that I have never really been able to air in public, a declaration that I’m a little nervous about. But I’m just going to put it out there, loud and proud. So, I’m going to need your support on this.” Watching at home, we immediately told everyone around the couch to shut up. We were so certain that she was going to at last officially acknowlege her sexuality and come out as a lesbian in public for the first time. It would have defintely been a landmark moment in GG’s history, but her actual admission was a little different. “I am…single. Yes, I am. I am single.”
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Will Beasts Of The Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis Join These Past Child Oscar Nominees?

Beasts Of The Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis Rumored For Oscar Noms

You know what the Academy Awards have been missing recently? Adorableness. That all might change if Beasts of The Southern Wild actress Quvenzhane Wallis gets nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. According to Hit Fix (as well as anyone who actually saw Beasts Of The Southern Wild) 9-year-old Wallis’ turn as the protagonist Hushpuppy could make her the youngest actress to win that particular award. Which got us thinking about all the child nominees and winners that came before. Why can’t the Oscars be entirely child actors and actresses? Ratings would go through the roof! Someone make a call to Bruce Vilanch, and in the meantime we’ll look back at kid nominees from Jodie Foster to Haley Joel Osment to Shirley Temple.

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Jodie Foster’s Kristen Stewart Essay Makes Us Wonder: Could We Do Without Celebrity News?

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster

If you read Jodie Foster‘s essay about Kristen Stewart on today, we’re sure you were alternately shaking and nodding your head. She is so eloquent as she describes how she’s survived her 46 years as an actress with a private life intact: “I have neurotically adapted to the gladiator sport of celebrity culture, the cruelty of a life lived as a moving target.” And admits that if she were a young actor in today’s climate, she’d probably just up and quit. Then she laments how the happy-go-lucky 11-year-old Kristen Stewart she knew while making Panic Room now has to dodge paparazzi at every turn. “The young woman doesn’t cry. F— no. She doesn’t look up. She’s learned. She keeps her head down, her shades on, fists in her pockets. Don’t speak. Don’t look. Don’t cry.” God, how sad is that image! We agree with you, Jodie! We can’t wait until she can hold her head high again, and “spin in wild abandon.”

But hold on a second. Is that really what we want. Putting aside for a second the fact that celebrity gossip is my living, I just want to think about what entertainment would be like if we knew absolutely nothing about our stars besides their names and what other movies they’re in. Would a heartwrenching scene be just as moving without the knowledge of what kind of joy or sorrow the actor is drawing from in real life? On one level, yes. I’ve enjoyed plenty of foreign movies, for instance, about whose stars I’m completely ignorant.

But there is one thing definitely missing from that experience: When I don’t feel connected to a performer on a personal level of some kind, I don’t feel driven to seek out the next projects — or whatever came before the first thing that caught my attention. In short, I appreciate their talent without becoming a fan. I’m not suggesting that every star needs to let me into their bedrooms and diaries, to let us throw stones at them when they sin, mind you. But when we get to know them as people, there’s a deeper connection that lives on after the credits roll. Do you agree?

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The 20 Most Questionable Golden Globes Red Carpet Looks

The Golden Globes red carpet looks from this evening’s ceremony seemed to fall into two distinct categories: delightfully lovely, and highly, highly questionable. Is Jessica Biel actually wearing an old ill-fitting wedding dress? Was there no other, better way to get the message across to Justin? Was Zooey Deschanel‘s gown literally made out of Astroturf? How did Tilda Swinton get so insane-pantsuit fabulous? Check out the Golden Globes 20 Most Questionable Looks and let us know which look had you scratching your head the most.

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Stars Re-create Martin Scorsese Movie Scenes For Harpers Bazaar

That’s Chloe Moretz and Keanu Reeves re-creating Taxi Driver for the November issue of Harpers Bazaar, by the way. The magazine pays homage to Martin Scorsese with a photo spread re-enacting some of his most memorable movie scenes. It’s a pretty fantastic idea with stars like Kate Bosworth doing The Age of Innocence and our favorite: Christina Hendricks posing for Gangs of New York.

The shoot accompanies an article with celebrities talking about their Marty moments — collaborations, anecdotes, stories from the set and such! Jodie Foster reminisces about Taxi Driver, saying, “When we were shooting Taxi Driver, I think Marty was really uncomfortable with the fact that I was so young. The memory I have is of him and Robert De Niro trying to tell me how to unzip [De Niro’s] pants. And Marty keeps bursting out laughing. He can’t get a word out, and he tries to act serious, you know? He keeps smoothing down his face on both sides, but he just keeps laughing…” This one’s a classic, folks. Especially if you’re a movie buff. Scorcese’s first-ever 3-D family flick, Hugo, is in theaters on November 23.

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Kate Winslet’s Kids Love It When She Projectile Vomits

Roman Polanski’s new film Carnage hasn’t hit theaters yet, but star Kate Winslet’s kids already have their favorite moment picked out. It’s the scene when their Oscar-winning mother projectile vomits cobbler all over antique art books. What’s not to love!? And luckily enough, they were even on set to witness the glorious moment in person! “My kids came to work for the vomit day,” she told a press conference yesterday at the Venice Film Festival, where the film had its world premiere.  “And I am so thrilled that they were there because they literally have not stopped talking about it since. It was hysterical.”

The film is based on the satirical play by Yasmina Reza, The God of Carnage,  and packs an all-star cast of Winslet, Christoph Waltz, Jodie Foster and John C. Reilly. But most importantly, it features Winslet projectile vomiting with enough ferocity to put that scene in The Exorcist to shame. Thank god she didn’t perform method-style, but instead used a device strapped to her body. At least she does her own stunts. And she had an A-list cleanup crew.  “While Kate was the one who threw up, Jodie and I had to clean up the vomit,” says costar Reilly. “So we had the more disgusting involvement with the vomit.”

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Pregnant Charlotte Gainsbourg Wears See-Through Dress At Melancholia Premiere

With Lars Von Trier declared “persona non grata” by the Cannes Film Festival following the director’s Nazi jokes at yesterday’s press conference for his new film Melancholia, last night’s premiere may wind up the last time he gets to shock the famous and the French at the annual event. Helping him go out with a bang was star Charlotte Gainsbourg, sharing her late stage of pregnancy with the world through a bra-bearing, see-through top, and helping us understand what kind of woman makes more than one movie with Lars Von Trier. Meanwhile, 63-year-old Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood showed up with 23-year-old girlfriend Ana Araujo, and Udo Kier was Udo Kier. Why Mel Gibson didn’t join Jodie Foster on the red carpet is a mystery, as is the lack of crying, elderly drag queens and fat, cartwheeling circus clowns with blood dripping from their mouths.

See photos from the premiere below, and wonder whether Kirsten Dunst will stick to American movies from here on out.

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