Guess The Gaffe: Did These Awkward Quotes Come From Joe Biden Or Veep‘s Selina Meyer?

With Veep‘s third season beginning tonight on HBO, we couldn’t help but think about the similarities between fictional vice president, Selina Meyer, and our actual V.P., Joe Biden. They’re both former senators, they both took on vice presidential duties after vying for the highest office in the land, and they both have penchants for fumbling their public statements.

If you’re not convinced that politicians sometimes miss the mark when connecting with the public, watch the clip above to catch the cast of Veep recall their favorite real-life political flubs.

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Diane Sawyer, Potheads And Big Bird: 10 Other People Who Won Last Night

Nate Silver, Michelle Obama, Diane Sawyer and Joe Biden are among the other winners of Tuesday night's election.

Barack Obama wasn’t the only winner of yesterday’s election day — and we’re not just talking about all those congresspeople and local officials who were elected. People were as glued to their laptops as they were to the TV, naturally, and their comments and retweets voted a number of other people, memes and causes into our hearts. Here are 10 more of the night’s victors:

1. Obama’s social media team, whose elated “Four more years” tweet became the most shared post in Twitter history, according to Mediabistro.

2. Diane Sawyer, whose loopy behavior and slurred speech was immediately a trending topic on Twitter, making many a CNN loyalist switch over to ABC. Hey, we were all drowning our nerves in alcohol, so we could totally identify.

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Joe Biden Reveals Police Thwarted His Potential College Threeway

While this anecdote, told by VP nominee Joe Biden, probably won’t have much of an effect on the election, it’s still the kind of story one usually doesn’t tell at a campaign rally. For some reason, Biden regaled Athens, Ohio today with an erotic memory of the time he came to Ohio University with the University of Delaware football team.

Now I made a little mistake here that day, I made a little mistake. I wandered in, I met this lovely group of Ohio University…students. And uh, without knowing it, I shouldn’t admit this on national television because it’ll reveal that I’m over 60, but I thought that we were gonna go get something to eat. What’s that street you have down there, all you guys? See, I…and so I just said to young, two young women I had met, said well why don’t you…we’ll be right back, I said well I’ll come with you, and they said okay, and I walked into their dormitory and was immediately accosted by a cop who arrested me because back in those days men were not allowed in women’s dormitories.

But I promise you I never breached the first floor and it was only a temporary detention. But that’s what I most remember about Athens. So folks look, it’s good to be back here.

Aww, the townspeople must have been touched to learn that the Senator still recalls when he almost bagged two of their young women at once. That’s not awkward in the slightest.

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Scandalist’s Debate Party: The Best Of The VP Battle

We spent the night curled up on our couch with a cup of tea and a plate full of pork n’ earmarks (cue rim shot!) enjoying the Vice Presidential debate so we could bring you the best moments of the sass-battle between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin. We’ve listed our favorite moments of the night – did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Best patriotic piece of flair: Palin’s giant sparkly flag pin. She’s proud to be an American who buys jewelry on QVC.
  • Most adorable interaction: Governor Palin asking Senator Biden, “Hey, can I call you Joe?” Aw shucks, she sure is doggone precious.
  • Best “totally written by a speech writer” dig: Biden tagging McCain’s health care plan “the ultimate bridge to nowhere.” The audience liked it, and they’re not supposed to react to anything!
  • Best off the cuff sassy remark: Gwen Ifill scolding both candidates for not answering her question about what they’d do as Vice President.
  • Best “oh no you didn’t just go there” moment: Sarah Palin correcting Joe Biden on the drill chant: “It’s drill, baby, drill.” Don’t mess with her oil!
  • Most awkward moment: Did Sarah Palin just call the Sentator “Joe O’Biden?” Oh, and Joe Biden let out a sigh heard around the world when Palin congratulated their mutual love of Israel. It’s a tie.
  • Best hairdo: While Palin’s half-up do is Alaska-dorable and her new highlights are admittedly fierce, Biden is rocking what we now call a “backwards Trump.” It’s a comb over gone way wrong, but for some reason it feels so right.
  • Best evil eye: Sarah Palin, when pressed by Gwen Ifill on what she and John McCain wouldn’t be able to pursue in office due to the bailout. She smiled, but her eyes were fiery!
  • Best dressed: We heart Joe Biden’s baby blue tie, but Palin’s gray suit is both Gossip Girl cute and grown up lady proper. She’s a federal fashionista.
  • Best new phrase we can’t wait to use: “The Castro Brothers.” It’s Cuba’s answer to the Jonas Brothers, ya’ll.
  • Best TRL moment of the night: Third graders in Alaska get a shout out from Governor Palin. What about us, Sarah?! We need extra credit too!
  • Best chick flick moment that was better than Beaches: Joe Biden getting choked up about his family. Get out the tissues and the Haagan Das!
  • Winner of the night: Trig Palin, the cutest campaigner out there. He made his way right into his mom’s arms once she was finished mavericking, so she could go to town burping him. It was too cute for politics, which is why the little wins, hands down. Screw the candidates – we like the kids best.

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Jamie Biden: Joe’s Nephew Sexes Up Politics

We enjoyed this little tidbit today in the NY Daily News about Senator and Veep candidate Joe Biden‘s nephew, Jamie Biden. Then we worked it out on Google, only to discover he’s some hot rocker who’s in the band Bloody Social with Sienna Miller/Lindsay Lohan/Kate Moss ex and model, Jamie Burke. The pair met in NYC when Biden came across Burke puking outside of Bungalow 8, so logically, they formed a band together. Biden is described as a “policy wonk” who dropped out of law school at Fordham to pursue music. Also, he dates model Amy Bracco, who is really, really hot. Seriously, he should join his Uncle Joe out on the campaign trail and give that sex pot Levi Johnson a run for his money. [Photo: Getty Images]