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Is Rihanna Sexting Joe Jonas?

Rihanna definitely seems like a gal who isn’t afraid to get what she wants, and it sounds like she wants Joe Jonas. That would explain why she’s apparently sexting the 21-year-old Disney star! “They met when Joe did a song with Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown, and recently she’s been bombarding him with raunchy text messages,” a source told ShowizSpy. “She keeps laughing to her mates that she wants to take him on the wildest ride of his life.”

The middle Jo-Bro has been linked to some pretty steamy women in his young life, including Ashley Green, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift. Yet he still remains single, saying that he’s “always looking for the right person.” Is the sexed up Rihanna the one who can win/corrupt his young heart? Riri may be bad, but she’s certainly good at it! And there’s definitely something deliciously bad about a perpetually bikini’d older woman putting the moves on the young promise-ringer.

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Joe Jonas Smolders On The Cover Of Details

Look, we’re too old to be in The Jonas Brothers‘ target demographic (by a good twenty years, to be honest), but if it’s not too creepy to say this: Joe Jonas‘ cover of this month’s Details magazine is pretty hot. (To say nothing of the photo spread inside the magazine.)

Jonas also manages to win us over a little bit in his interview by proving he’s no teeny-bopper, he’s actually a pretty cool guy who seems like he’d be fun to hang out with. He shops at Trader Joe’s, hangs out with The Black Keys and Bono, and of course dates Ashley Greene, who he says “really puts my feelings first. She understands my busy schedule.” The 21-year-old also has a solo album coming out, but if all else fails, he’ll no doubt have a successful career as a model, amirite ladies?

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Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene Enjoy A Night Out In NYC


Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene kept each other warm last night in New York City. The couple, who stopped in for dinner at The Lion, still looks like they’re making it work—who’d have known, right? Unfortunately for the pair, it sounds like Ashley is only in New York for a brief time—she’s been shooting Breaking Dawn in Louisiana this month and will likely return to continue filming her scenes as Alice Cullen, the resident friendly psychic sister. Hopefully she and Joe got some good pillow-biting time in while they were together. You know how vampires get.

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Are Ashley Greene And Joe Jonas Dating?

Joe Jonas broke up with Demi Lovato over a month ago, so it’s about time the serial dater had someone new on his arm. The question is, is Joe’s new girlfriend Ashley Greene? That’s the word on the street! A source spotted the two dining together at The Ivy in London, discreetly having drinks and then sneaking out the back door and departing in separate vans.

Curiously, Ashley doesn’t fit Joe’s type, but who cares about type when you’ve got a girl who takes her clothes off to sell beverages or, really, just for any old reason? We might not be a psychic vampire, but we can definitely predict that Joe’s purity ring is going to be working overtime if this relationship is real.


Nerd Chic Has Taken Over


It used to be chihuahuas, then Segways, then Birkin bags, but now, nerdy glasses are the hot celebrity accessory. Call it the an effect of hipster style mixed with equal parts Tina Fey lust and astigmatism. Josh Hartnett showed up to an event for The Kitchen’s Spring Gala last night and we noticed that he’s just one of many stars who are rocking the  George McFly look (that’s a Back to the Future reference for all you born in the 90’s). Everyone from Joe Jonas to Jennifer Love Hewitt has been rocking the specs lately – check out our gallery of nerdy chic below.

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Hilary Swank Vs. Christina Hendricks: Oscar After Party Hotties

Thanks to dramatic displays of decolletage, Christina Hendricks and Hilary Swank made big impressions at the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Vanity Fair after parties, respectively. Both bashes were booming with celebs, with some surprise revelers—folks like Heidi Klum, Apolo Ohno and The Jonas Brothers—hopping between the two. See shots from the shindigs below and let us know which woman looked more striking in our TheFABLife poll.

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American Idol: Deep In The Heart Of Texas


The more audition episodes we have to endure on American Idol, the more we wish that they’d just condense them into one two-hour special and then zip right into Hollywood. Dallas was, with the exception of Neil Patrick Harris and backflipping Todrick Hall, yet another episode that dragged, but there was definitely some talent in the Lone Star State.
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Joe Jonas Dumps Chicks Just Like Everybody Else

So Joe Jonas, the nineteen year old “eyebrows” Jonas Brother, kicked his angelic girlfriend to the curb. Poor little country star Taylor Swift is reportedly heartbroken, and who wouldn’t be if you were eighteen and the most popular virgin in America didn’t want to heavy pet you anymore. But here’s where it gets worse! Joe, who reportedly dated Taylor for “several months” did the deed over the phone, which is the sh*ttiest, shadiest, lamest, safest, smartest, most awesome way to dump someone, ever. We hope that Joe at least found inspiration for the break up in his lyrics (cue dream sequence music and lighting):

Joe: Hold on tight, it’s a roller coaster ride we’re on so say goodbye, cause I won’t be back again. Up and down you’re all around, say goodnight and goodbye.

Taylor: You’re dumping me? What the fudge are you talkin’ bout?

Joe: Well girl, I’m sorry for disappointing you, but I’m done with being up and down and pushed around. No more.

Taylor: But we had so much fun making out during Toy Story the other night!

Joe: Er, wait a second. Ah, here we go: I can’t get your smile out of my mind. I think bout your eyes all the time. Beautiful but you don’t even try.

Taylor: I thought you said you were dumping me?!

Joe: Oops, wrong song. I got confused, that one’s for that blond chick from Gossip Girl.