by (@sllambe)

Scandal‘s Joe Morton Decides Whether Olivia Should Be With Fitz Or Jake

Ahead of the season finale of ABC’s hit series Scandal, Joe Morton sits down with Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz Live to decide just who Olivia Pope should end up with:┬áPresident Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III or┬áCaptain Jake Ballard. It’s a tough decision to make considering both characters are portrayed by the hotties, Tony Goldwyn and Scott Foley, respectively. But Morton, who plays Kerry Washington‘s onscreen father, Rowan “Eli” Pope, he’s taking into account a lot more than good looks. Not only are there tons of relationship drama but there’s all the backstories, secret identities, and last-minute twists. On the show, Fitz has just replaced Papa Pope with Jake as the head of B6-13. So Pope has plenty of axes to grind. Morton goes the logical route, by citing B6-13’s regulations that members are not to have families.

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