Miley Cyrus Pops A Squat For Charity


At the Time For Heroes Celebrity Carnival, Miley Cyrus performed in true manic fashion while the cast of The Hills, little Bronx Mowgli Wentz, and Dancing with the Stars champion Shawn Johnson showed their support for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Disney starlet Selena Gomez modeled a sassy new bob as Joe Pesci reunited with Casino co-star Sharon Stone. See more pics of the charitable potpourri below:

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Mia Farrow Or Joe Pesci?

The ’90s was the best decade of veteran actor Joe Pesci‘s career, with supporting roles in blockbuster franchises like Lethal Weapon and Home Alone, as well his first star turn, My Cousin Vinny. And they were probably the worst decade for veteran actress Mia Farrow, who discovered her long-time boyfriend, Woody Allen, was sleeping with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi. Both celebs were born on February 9th. Click on the photo to find out who’s older.

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#50: Oliver Stone’s JFK Stirs Controversy

After more than 20 years of speculation (including congressional hearings and enough books to constitute a literary genre), the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John Kennedy broke in a big way thanks to Oliver Stone’s JFK, a three-hour epic stuffed with unforgettable cameos (John Candy‘s Nawlins lawyer and Kevin Bacon‘s Nixon-loving hustler – “fascism is coming back!” – deserve special mention) and so many potential conspirators (FBI, CIA, the Mafia, Communists, anti-Communists) that it’s unclear just who WASN’T on the grassy knoll.

Thanks to script leaks, articles lambasting the production as unconscionable and “insult to the intelligence” appeared only days into shooting. The furor hardly diminished when the film was finally released in 1992. Along with endless complaints of factual inaccuracies (Stone claims the movie is a “countermyth,” which means it’s completely full of it but in a good way), gay activists didn’t appreciate the film’s salacious treatment of alleged conspirators’ homosexuality, particularly the costumed orgy between Bacon, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones and Joe Pesci. Yes, Joe Pesci.

Despite (or thanks to) the uproar, the film was a financial success and nominated for eight Oscars. Everyone from the Simpsons to Seinfeld paid comic homage, and in the ultimate sign of cultural saturation, Congress passed the JFK Records Act, promising the release of all files concerning the assassination by 2017. Only nine years till the truth is out!