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From Party Girls To Reality TV Superstars: A Guide To Nicole Richie And Paris Hilton’s Friendship

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Once upon a time they were just two A-list socialites, children of the super rich and mega-famous. But when Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton turned in their Louboutins in exchange for overalls on The Simple Life, we were immediately hooked. Between cow-tipping and sex tapes, the storied friendship of Nicole and Paris has become a huge, weirdly addicting pop culture phenomenon.

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Nicole Richie Momentarily Distracts Us From The Royal Wedding

Yeah we know, history was made in London today. But let’s look to Miami for a just a moment and gaze upon Nicole Richie‘s rock hard bikini bod, shall we? Good. The sexy socialite did what sexy socialites do best (well, post-rehab), and spent most of the day lounging poolside and making people think, “Wow, she had two kids?” Clearly the Tracey Anderson classes are working. Nicole was in Florida to host a trunk show for her Winter Kate fashion line, while husband Joel Madden is touring Europe with his band, Good Charlotte. Did Prince William book ‘em to secretly play his wedding reception? We have our suspicions…

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Nicole Richie And Joel Madden’s Night Out In Paris

Newlyweds Joel Madden and Nicole Richie have been spending some time in Paris this week because Joel and his band Good Charlotte had a stop there on their European tour. The adorable couple went shopping and had dinner out, which is pretty much what one does when you visit Paris, unless you’re famous, then you get the stores to close for you while you shop. Check out a few more shots of the couple (who left their kids Harlow and Sparrow Madden at home for date night) as  they stroll through the streets of Paris looking chic as always.

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Joel Madden Blindsided By Wedding Elephant

We were already a little iffy about Nicole Richie’s wedding elephant (you can’t tell us that thing didn’t poop EVERYWHERE, you guys), but knowing that Joel Madden didn’t know about the elephant beforehand makes it seem even weirder. “I was like, ‘what?'” said Joel when he first spied the beast. “Then I just laughed- Nicole getting an elephant and not telling me is typical of our relationship.” That’s something you should take to couples counseling, Joel, not brag about to People. Our fiance secretly hiring a circus animal to attend the happiest day of our lives seems like the kind of thing that would give us trust issues.

According to Joel, however, nothing can conquer love, not even a shopping spree at the zoo. Though Madden says he’s usually the “no guy”, he admits “But if there’s one time I want her to have the craziest thing she wants, it’s the day we marry.” That’s drling, though we would still flip out if our beloved pulled anything like that. The only gigantic, stinking animals allowed at our wedding will be those to whom we are directly related, thank you very much.


Is Nicole Richie Preparing For A Weekend Wedding?

We’ve been hearing about their possible wedding for months, but it really does look like Joel Madden and Nicole Richie plan to get married this weekend. The wedding will reportedly take place on December 11 at the home of her dad, Lionel Richie. The elder Richie will give his daughter away, after which point we look forward to some daddy-daughter dancing on the ceiling.

It’s been reported that the couple’s two-year-old daughter Harlow will be flower girl, while Joel’s brother Benji will be best man and Richie’s best pal Masha Gordon will be her maid of honor. (Guess The Simple Life really did tear apart the cheap-ass polyester fabric of friendship Richie shared with Paris Hilton.)

Finally, it’s happening! We can’t wait to see what kind of boho-chic-glam bride Richie is. Congratulations to the always adorable couple and their even more adorable kids.


Is Nicole Richie Planning A December Wedding?


Last weekend, Nicole Richie had her bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Two things are significant about that: 1) That means Richie is obviously closer to tying the knot with Joel Madden and 2) Richie invited her pals, Christina Aguilera (remember how they’re besties?) and Samantha Ronson which reportedly cause some Lohan drama. What other kind of drama is there these days?

First things first though, a source tells E! Online that Richie and Madden are planning a December wedding, so if that’s true, it means Richie still has some time to prepare. Reportedly, she hasn’t even picked out her wedding dress yet. (But we’re dying to see what she wears, we’re kinda obsessed with her look lately.) She just chose to have her bachelorette party around her 29th birthday to combine the celebrations.

And as for the friend dramz, Lindsay Lohan was apparently upset that Ronson was out of the country (and that she wasn’t invited to the festivities) and a source who was at the party said “It was really annoying Nicole that Lindsay kept trying to track down Sam during her bachelorette party. Both Nicole and Christina Aguilera told Sam to stay away from Lindsay.  They told her forget about Lindsay and her drama and just have a nice weekend.” And these ladies know from drama!

Let’s not let that overshadow the fact that Harlow and Sparrow‘s parents are getting married soon, though. Finally, the cutest family ever makes it legal!

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Madden And Wayans Bros Unite For Father’s Day Event, Free Diapers

Madden and Wayans Brothers

In the early 2000’s, Good Charlotte were one of the biggest pop-punk bands around and Shawn & Marlon Wayans had successfully traded TV stardom for hit film comedies like Scary Movie and White Chicks. Now, less than a decade later, the Maddens and the Wayans have teamed up to pose with a box of diapers. The two sets of bros met up at “Daddy On Diapers Duty” promotional play date put together by Pampers to celebrate Father’s Day and promote the latest developments in child crap containment. Best part of this photo? Benji Madden, the dude holding the diapers, is not a father. Guess Uncle Benj just didn’t have anywhere better to be last night.

See photos of the bros (and Bethenny Frankel!) enjoying quality time in the gallery below.

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Holly Madison Moving In With Benji Madden

Things may be getting serious between Holly Madison and Benji Madden. Rumored to be dating since December, In Touch Weekly says the pair are thinking about shacking up. “Benji cares very much for Holly,” says their source. “They have been talking about living together.” The pair were rumored to have split in January, only to be seen snogging at a recent video shoot for Madden proteges the It Boys. “Benji kept telling her how amazing she looked. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.” Hopefully the It Boys didn’t feel too ignored.

The ex-Girl Next Door and Good Charlotte guitarist might just be perfect for each other, considering their taste in partners and previous heartbreaks. Madison dated tattooed magician Criss Angel after leaving Hef’s stable in 2008, only to declare she was never dating again last March (though she has been spotted reuniting with Angel and flirting with Russell Brand since). Benji’s had his own romantic troubles, splitting from fiancee Sophie Monk in 2008 and dating Paris Hilton the same year. With Holly’s pal Kendra and Benji’s brother Joel settled down with partners babies, these two may be looking for similar comforts.

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Nicole Richie’s Birthday Surprises For Harlow


Although her parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden seem too reasonable to gift her with a $30,000 toy car, a special girl like Harlow Winter Kate Madden will have plenty of surprises from mom on her birthday. “Up super early sneaking around the house in the dark setting up surprises for when my birthday girl wakes up,” Nicole tweeted this morning at 6 a.m. Harlow’s daddy Joel Madden also used Twitter to show his love for his birthday girl. “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little girl in the world,” he said. “Harlow makes me proud every. single. Day. i’m blessed.”

The little lady, who turns two today, already has a slew of celebrity pals who sent their good wishes, such as Khloe Kardashian. “Happy Birthday Harlow!!!” Khloe tweeted early this morning. It looks like Harlow’s third year on the planet is off to a great start. Happy Birthday! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Joel Madden Still Courts Nicole Richie


After two babies together, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie still make time for a date. The stylish duo attended the LA Lakers game at the Staples Center on Tuesday night. The couple relaxed and laughed while taking in the Laker victory over the Golden State Warriors 124 – 118. Even though they have their hands full with Harlow and Sparrow, this couple still likes to party! They will host a New Year’s Eve bash Thursday night at Lavo in Las Vegas where Nicole will lead the countdown and Joel will DJ. [Photo: Getty Images]

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