Rielle Hunter Has Friends After All

Rielle Hunter

Rielle Hunter, former Senator John Edwards‘ alleged fiancee (she denies it) and notorious home/career/reputation/probably-didn’t-help-his-credit-either-wrecker, recently let GQ into her home to show off her entourage above and discuss the drama that made her (in)famous.

Everyone talks about how Johnny has fallen from grace. In reality, he’s fallen to grace. He is integrated. He is living a life of truth. He has grown in awareness and humility. He had all these things within him, but they weren’t the guiding, leading principles of his life. Now they are…

The break in the marriage happens before the infidelity. And that break happened, you know, two and a half decades before I got there. So the home was wrecked already. I was not the Home Wrecker.

Sadly, Not The Home Wrecker is also not happy with all the rope GQ gave her to hang herself with. Barbara Walters told her pals on The View that Hunter “cried for two hours” after seeing how her half-naked Kermie time came off from the photo shoot. So why did she take the “repulsive” photos? According to Babs, Rielle just “went with the flow.” Maybe she should stop doing that.

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Beyonce’s Dad Will Gladly Submit To DNA Test


Looks like Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé‘s father and manager, seems to be going a little John Edwards on us. First he admitted to being engaged in an extramarital affair, and now his mistress has just given birth and claims the child is his, which he denies. If this plays out like the Edwards scandal, eventually the truth will come out and Knowles will have yet another child’s career to manage. For now though, he’s denying paternity and has offered to take a DNA to prove it.

Knowles told E! News that, despite the lengthy affair (which we assume was a cause of Knowles’ divorce from wife Tina last year) and despite all the, you know, doin’ it, he has no idea what’s going on with this kid. “I know about as much as you do,” he told the news outlet. “Last week, they said it was a girl; this week they said it was a boy. We do have a court date, but none of that means anything until DNA testing is done.” E! News actually appears to know more than Knowles, confirming that the child is a boy. The child’s mother, Alexsandra Wright, is seeking someone who can pay her for her telephone bills, automobills, and child-supportamobills.

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We Could Have Had A President With A Sex Tape


Imagine that, America! We could have elected John Edwards as president and ushered the first sex tape into the White House, but instead you had to go and vote for a wholesome dude who made us all cry with his inspiring message of hope and change. Way to go, jerks. Edwards is continuing his downward spiral from A-List politician to future reality show contestant with the latest news that he not only knocked up his wackadoo mistress Rielle Hunter, but that the pair made a sex tape during one of their many bone sessions. Shall we hold your hair while you puke at the thought of it all?

According to Gawker, Edwards’ former aide/devotee Andrew Young found an unmarked DVD containing the raunch-fest, and it was apparently the beginning of the end for Edwards loyalists. Young is set to reveal all in a “20/20″ interview that airs this Friday. We may never see the tape, but we sure can dream of it, and the many “sex acts” it contains. Yep, sources say that Edwards really shows off not just his skills in the bedroom, but his junk as well. Reports Gawker and their source, “Edwards ‘is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says ‘whoa’.'”

Yes, it seems Joey Lawrence is one of the lucky ones who has seen the video. We imagine Elizabeth Edwards’ response will be a wee bit more expletive-filled, doncha think? [Photo: GettyImages]


John Edwards Fesses Up To Fathering Love Child


If the Democrats in our country weren’t having a bad enough week already, John Edwards is going to make it that much worse right now. Edwards is finally coming clean and admitting that he fathered Rielle Hunter‘s baby while campaigning in 2007. Also in 2007? Edwards’ wife Elizabeth‘s second bout with breast cancer and their decision to renew their wedding vows on their 30th anniversary. Way to make it a banner year, John.

In a statement released today, Edwards came clean about the child who is now 2 years old:

“I am Quinn’s father. I will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves. I have been able to spend time with her during the past year and trust that future efforts to show her the love and affection she deserves can be done privately and in peace. It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me. I have been providing financial support for Quinn and have reached an agreement with her mother to continue providing support in the future. To all those I have disappointed and hurt these words will never be enough, but I am truly sorry.”

Elizabeth Edwards and others close to the former presidential candidate have known since last summer about the paternity, but this is the first public admission of it. This week is starting to feel like Bizarro world what with Cindy McCain protesting Prop 8 in California, Massachusetts electing a Republican senator, and now a formerly admirable politician admitting he’s just as sketchy as the next pro-golfer. It’s too bad late night comedian’s are so busy skewering each other, they could have a field day with this. [Photo: Getty Images]

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John And Elizabeth Edwards Headed For Divorce?


Is Elizabeth Edwards finally going to kick her cheating husband to the curb? That’s what the National Enquirer is alleging, and lordy, we hope they’re right. “Elizabeth had always sworn she wouldn’t divorce John,” a pal tells the gossip rag. “But every person has a breaking point, and Elizabeth’s friends believe she’s reached hers.”

The source continues: “Elizabeth made it clear to John that she will take him for everything he’s got. She will divorce him and claim their $53 million fortune.”

Apparently Elizabeth, who’s waging a very public battle against stage 4 breast cancer, has reached her breaking point following new allegations that her hubby cheated on her numerous times while campaigning for President. Go for it girlfriend!Take the money and run. [Photo: GettyImages]

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Happy Birthday, John Edwards’ Maybe-Baby!

The child of John Edwards‘ former mistress, Rielle Hunter, turned a year old on February 27th. Little Frances Quinn celebrated the big 0-1 with a giant candle, as rumors continue to swirl about who her father may be. That section on Frances’ birth certificate may have been left blank, but the National Enquirer is still pointing its questionably-accurate finger at Edwards, alleging that he recently confessed the truth to his wife Elizabeth – that he is the dad.

Mrs. Edwards is releasing entitled Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities in May, and apparently it’s causing Rielle to bust out a bit of the crazy. “The last thing John wants right now is for Rielle to go public before Elizabeth’s book comes out, make new headlines and trigger a nasty battle between the two women,” says a source close to the dysfunctional trio.

We’ve got the baby pic for you above. What do you think – is that precious little lady an Edwards?

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Wife Finally Dumps Cheatin’ John Edwards

Ladies across the country are breathing a sigh of relief today, after word broke that their homegirl Elizabeth Edwards supposedly kicked her cheating husband of 29 years, former Senator John Edwards, to the curb. Elizabeth stood by her man after news of his affair (and alleged love child) with weird and willowly filmmaker Rielle Hunter leaked this summer. But the health care advocate recently showed up for a presentation at George Washington University without her husband or her wedding ring in sight. Page Six adds to the buzz, with a source who claims the couple has separated and are living apart. Could a Guy Ritchie-Madonna divorce drama be far behind?  [Photo: GettyImages]


John Edwards’ Mistress: Bitchy And Crazy

In addition to being a philandering jerk, turns out former Presidential hopeful John Edwards also has crap taste in the ladies. Newsweek reporter Jonathan Darman shares several discussions he had with Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter, a former webisode producer for Edwards’ campaign, that state she was prone to “new age jargon” and talked smack about Elizabeth, Edwards’ cancer-battling wife and mother of four.

Darman, who first met Hunter in 2007 and observed a certain stalker-esque tendency about her, told him that she was working with Edwards to help him “[tap] into…his potential.” She called Edwards a “transformational leader,” like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. As for Elizabeth Edwards, Hunter said she “does not give off good energy” and promised Darman “someday the truth about her is going to come out.”

Hunter also told the reporter that she wanted to pitch a television show to Sex and the City producers about women who “help” men by having affairs with them, to get them out of failing marriages. She might want to change that pitch to ruining any chance at a political career and destroying families. [Photo: Getty Images]

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John Edwards: Yup, I Cheated On My Wife

Well what do you know?! The National Enquirer was right: John Edwards has finally come forward to confess to cheating on his wife Elizabeth Edwards in 2006, with some blond lady named Rielle (pronounced Riley) Hunter. Hunter and Edwards apparently met in a bar in New York City, and she later produced videos for his campaign. Edwards spilled his shamed guts to ABC News last night, in an interview that conveniently aired at the same time as the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. Smart move, Johnny! We’ve rounded up the most pertinent deets in the scandal below. Enjoy.

  • John Edwards has admitted to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, but says he did not father her child and wants to take a paternity test. We smell an Oprah ep!
  • The former Sentator and VP nominee blamed the affair on his narcissism, and not on his perfectly coiffed hair.
  • Also, he brings up John McCain cheating on his first wife. Democratic diss!
  • Elizabeth Edwards has written a statement about her husband’s infidelities, because she is consistently awesome.
  • John also revealed that his wife’s cancer was in remission when he cheated. An American hero, this guy!
  • In a 2007 interview, his mistress calls working for Edwards life altering. We bet!

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