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The Fault In Our Stars Trailer Is Making It Very Hard To Type Through Our Tears

“I can’t picture it as a movie, but I’m also very very close to the story, and I’ve been working on it for 10 years, so for me it’s a novel. But if the right people come along and can picture it that way, that would be awesome,” that’s what John Green told me back in January 2012, on the day his book, The Fault in Our Stars, hit shelves. Well, after seeing the trailer, we are pretty sure that “the right people” came along to turn this devastating book about kids living with (and adamantly not just dying of) cancer.
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Why The Fault In Our Stars‘ Tagline Actually Works

The Fault In Our Stars

I was 26 when my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Immediately after her diagnosis — which was Stage 4 — my brother and I quit our jobs and moved back home to help our dad as caregivers. It was a nightmarish eight months and losing my mom is still something that I struggle with now, seven years later. I tell you this so you know my background when it comes to cancer. Because The Fault in Our Stars poster dropped today on Buzzfeed, and it is beautiful and perfect and all the tears — except for the tagline: “One Sick Love Story.” It’s not sitting well with some fans. At first it didn’t sit well with me (I made this face). Then I remembered what I loved most about the book; what I thought John Green nailed perfectly (of all the things he nailed so well): the gallows humor. Read more…

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The 20 Most Adorable Instagram Pics From The Fault In Our Stars Set

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Even people who live under a rock have heard of – and read – John Green‘s poignant bestseller The Fault In Our Stars. The wonderfully realistic and heartbreaking tale of two teens in love who also happen to both have cancer topped every bestseller list imaginable and is currently being turned into a movie. And from the looks of the stars’ and author’s social media accounts, everyone is platonically in love with each other and generally best friends forever and it’s so damn cute we could cry.

Not that we’re surprised: John Green is one of the most likable public figures we’ve ever had the privilege of watching on YouTube, and stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff all seem very down to earth and cool. It’s a surefire recipe for BFFship and awesomeness. Nowhere is their genuine fondness for each other more evident than on their Instagram accounts, where they all post endless adorable photos of each other. We had a hard time narrowing it down to just twenty, but these are the ones that gave us the most feels and flails and squees and tears.

You know, just like the book.