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The 2013 National Board Of Review Awards Present An Appropriately Classy Red Carpet

Fashion At The National Board Of Review Awards Gala

Celebrities always scrub up and put their Sunday best on for this one, don’t they? The National Board Of Review Awards Gala is always the first big awards red carpet of the year and seems to be for the “serious” movies and actors. Therefore, the fashion follows suit. Nothing too frippery here. Emily Blunt got it perfectly right with her nude-blush Emilio Pucci dress with tiny little cut-outs, bronze Stuart Weitzman shoes and minimal and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry. Amanda Seyfried wore a panelled onion and metallic Bottega Veneta dress, nipped in at the waist, with lace-up Alexandre Birman heels and pretty Norman Silverman earrings. Anne Hathaway‘s black luxe, androgynous tapered Hedi Slimane tuxedo was also right on the money and amazingly chic paired with her cropped hair.

National Board Of Review 2013

Thank you, Bradley Cooper for wearing such an elegant Gucci suit, but damn, you need a haircut. Jessica Chastain, who has been doing rather well sartorially lately, picked a black Alexander McQueen dress with a floral metallic collar, bronze Charlotte Olympia shoes and a matching Aurelie Bidermann cuff. And then there was Ben Affleck, who sorely needed a shave, but who worked it out in a black tailored suit.  Read more…

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Kristen Stewart Sets The Red Carpet On Fire At The Governor’s Awards

Kristen Stewart attends the Governor's Awards

Lately we’ve been used to Kristen Stewart going all punk rocker chic at public events, but at this weekend’s Governor’s Awards in Los Angeles she reminded us just how glam she can get! K-Stew stunned as she donned a Talbot Runhoff high-waisted dress with a scooped black and white lace neckline. She completed the haute-couture look with some killer Christian Louboutin pumps, but her messily tousled hair gave a small nod to her more casual side. We’d expect nothing less from Kristen! Sadly Robert Pattinson wasn’t by her side at the Hollywood & Highland Center for the 4th annual awards show, but we’re pretty sure she wasn’t lonely. Tons of other big names also attended, including Amy Adams, Helen Hunt, Judd Apatow, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, and this year’s Oscar host Seth MacFarlane. See who was there (and what they wore) in the gallery below!

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From Friends‘ Spud-nik To PLL’s Vampy Adam Lambert: TV’s Best Halloween Costumes

Our favorite costumes from the Halloween episodes of Friends, Community, Pretty Little Liars and Glee

Halloween means candy corn, haunted houses, and your dad wearing that musty vampire outfit yet again. But it also means Halloween specials on TV! Throughout the years, the small screen has captured the fun of dressing up for the holidays. It’s a time for our favorite characters to get creative and just a tad inappropriate as they sport costumes from the topical, the slutty, or other clever ideas that perfectly reflect their own personalities. Here’s a list of some of our favorite Halloween costumes from TV over the years that may give you some inspiration of what to do…and what not to do.

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Best Mystery Costume – The Slutty Pumpkin (How I Met Your Mother): It was that crisp, autumnal night on Halloween when Ted Mosby thought he met the love of his life…in a costume that has become the show’s famed “Slutty Pumpkin.” Though her face was veiled, this mystery woman became the object of Ted’s harvest-filled fantasies. Many years later, we discovered that the woman was none other than Katie Holmes! Even though the costume doesn’t have much originality, we give them props for mocking the “slutty fill-in-the-blank” outfit.
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Review: Something Borrowed Is The New Terrible Rom-Com We Want To Watch Again

Good news for those of us who watch 27 Dresses, The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars over and over again on cable while hungover on the couch sitting in a sea of bagel crumbs: we’ve got a new go-to rom-com to indulge in! Clocking in at just under two hours, Something Borrowed nicely fulfills every cliche we so desire in a wedding movie. It’s a movie ripped from the pages of Rom-Com 101, and while it’s fun to watch, it’s also absolutely, utterly terrible. We loved—and hated—every second of it.

Ginnifer Goodwin (decked out in cinema’s worst wig since Bella’s horrific headpiece in Eclipse) plays Rachel, a good girl who feels bad about herself despite being a beautiful lawyer with a ROOF DECK. We all know people in NYC with roof decks have NOTHING to be sad about, right? She’s inexplicably still BFF with her childhood friend Darcy (Kate Hudson), who seems to have no job other than insulting Rachel and seeing how wide she can open her mouth. Darcy is engaged to Rachel’s law school buddy Dex (Colin Egglesfield), despite there being absolutely zero chemistry between them. Oh – in one scene we hear them having loud sex, so we guess that means they’re meant to be together forevs? Egglesfield looks like a Tom Cruise untouched by the crazy-making ways of Scientology and has the charisma of a robot whose batteries are on their last legs. Thus it’s extra confusing as to why Rachel is still in love with him and not her platonic pal Ethan, played by zing-slinging pro John Krasinski.

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John Krasinski Gushes About Wife Emily Blunt To Ellen

That John Krasinski isn’t just a devoted sweetheart on TV. Ellen DeGeneres struck cutie gold when she asked the Office star about his recent marriage to Emily Blunt. “When you [propose] successfully you feel really good about yourself,” he gushed. “I was like…I’m going to propose to her real fast before she wakes up and was like, ‘What am I doing? I can have anybody!'”

Not willing to stop with such self-deprecation, John made the audience melt even more by describing his first impression of Emily. “It was one of those things where I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and I was thinking I’m going to take my time in L.A. and everything. Then I met her, and I was so nervous. I was like, ‘Oh God, I think I’m going to fall in love with her.’ As I shook her hand I went [dons awkward voice], ‘I like you.'” And that’s how you promote your new romantic comedy (Something Borrowed, out this Friday, FYI).

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Stars Swing By The Something Borrowed Premiere, Kate Hudson Nails It!

We’re saluting Kate Hudson right about now. She looks like she’s about to pop and getting dressed up for movie premieres can’t be the most comfortable thing to do at this stage. But look at her! She looks absolutely stunning in that primrose yellow Versace gown!  She wore it to the Hollywood premiere of Something Borrowed held at Grauman’s Chinese theatre yesterday. Isn’t it the perfect choice? We couldn’t hope to look half as good, and we’re not eight months pregnant!

Even though the silhouette is completely different, we don’t know why we were reminded of that other iconic yellow dress she wore on screen in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Looks like yellow is her color!  Kate finished up her look with a ring and earrings from her  new collaboration with Chrome Hearts called  CH + KH. All the other celebrities paled in comparison, but we’ve put a gallery together of the event for you to check out. Ginnifer GoodwinHilary Swank, Kat Graham and more in the photos below.

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Jim Carrey Heads To The Office

Steve Carell’s departure from NBC’s The Office may be a week away, but the producers are keeping the halls of Dunder Mifflin well stocked with big-name comedians. Will Ferrell has been seen in the last few episodes as temporary manager DeAngelo Vickers, and now the show is getting another shot of concentrated wacky by welcoming Jim Carrey into the fold. Carrey has officially signed on to appear in the season finale, and there’s even a rumor that it may be a recurring role.

The 50-minute special, set to air on May 19th, will include numerous other celebrities competing for manager of Dunder Mifflin, including Ray Romano, Will Arnet, James Spader, Catherine Tate and series creator Ricky Gervais. It’s still undecided which of them will be taking over for Carell, with even other cast members being left in the dark.

“We don’t know who will replace Steve yet,” Office star John Krasinski told “It might not even be a replacement of Steve, it might be more of a shift. Everybody was talking about there being a spin-off of the show years ago and I feel like this is our spin-off.”

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Emily Blunt’s Top 20 Hottest Outfits

Emily Blunt hasn’t had the best luck at the box office—none of her movies have cracked $100m since her 2006 breakout in The Devil Wears Prada, and we’re not sure whether The Adjustment Bureau a.k.a. The Mad Men Matrix will do the trick (though audiences love Matt Damon, and may be hungry for another surreal film about a suited stud after Inception). No matter how the film does, she’s bound to have another big hit sooner or later—Hollywood isn’t going to let such a seductive British beauty sit on the sidelines.

Blunt’s shown an interest in everything from the silly (Gulliver’s Travels) to the scary (The Wolfman), and it’s easy to imagine her improving just about any type of movie. In 2012 she’ll do some Salmon Fishing In The Yemen with Ewan McGregor and try to make sense of time travel in Looper with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now if we could just get her to do more red carpet appearances with husband John Krasinski—they’re so cute together!

20. Periwinkle Poise

19. Blue-Eyed Babe

18. Shining Silhouette

17. Detailed Doll

16. Ballerina Belle

15. Foxy Poppies

14. 50’s Glam

13. Circle Circle Dot Dot

12. Bow Down To The Queen

11. Silk Train

10. Dripping In Diamonds

9. Flower Effect

8. Crystal Bound

7. Scarlet Scales

6. Lace Lust

5. Thank You Mauvy Much

4. Blush Tones

3. God Save The Queen

2. Roaring Red

1. Wolfbait

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The 20 Sexiest Celebrity Nerds

When we see ridiculously attractive celebs driving their Ferraris to some hot Hollywood party with their glamourous spouse by their side, it hurts. To make ourselves feel better, we assume there must be a trade off for being so gorgeous and successful, and that these A-listers must be spectacularly stupid. Our wounded egos desperately try to console us by saying, “Yeah well, they may be better looking, more popular, and have more money than you, but….at least you probably did better on your SATs! And you got that junior year calculus grade up to a C+, so Matt Damon can suck it!”

But we’ve got some really bad news. Many stars not only have the beauty and the brawn, but million-dollar brains to match. Check out the gallery below to see which smart stars made our Hollywood Honor Roll! And be sure to see Waiting for Superman, the new documentary about the cracks in our education system and the super-smart kids trying to climb out of them.

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