Madonna Finds Her Rebound Male Model

Madonna & Jon Kortajarena

When tabloids tried to play up the frustratingly amicable split between Madonna and Jesus Luz, we guessed the Material Mom took his departure in stride because she knew there was plenty more where that chiseled DJ/model came from. Proving the point (well, maybe we should avoid the word “proof” when discussing these things) is the Daily Mail‘s assertion that Madge is slowly sinking her talons into another spicy studmuffin, model/Single Man actor Jon Kortajarena. The pair supposedly first met at the film’s New York premiere last December. “Jon looked slightly uncomfortable with the attention but was, nonetheless, flattered,” said their source. “She has made some enquiries about him and has found out a bit more about some of his future modeling gigs in a bid to use her influence to his advantage. She is going to invite him to some social events in New York.” Some social events…in her pants.

Of course, no tabloid would let Madonna go back to the beefcake buffet table with pride, so this news has to really be about her alleged resentment towards the prodigal Luz. “She’s furious and feels humiliated…She feels he has her to thank for his modeling success and is calling all her designer friends, telling them not to use him.” Like his return to obscurity wasn’t already a given. People, let a player play! We just hope Mr. Kortajarena can think up dates more glamorous than donning ski masks to see Avatar.

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