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Celebrity Fight Night Is The Epitome Of Class, Style, And Buttafuoco Blood

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just died and gone to D-List heaven. Which is more commonly known as plain old “hell”. But today we’ll call it Celebrity Fight Night, a truly surreal spectacle that even Satan himself couldn’t have conceived. Yet where else can you watch celebs you wanna pummel into submission pummel each other in to submission? Your dreams come true, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty! It’s a beautiful thing.

All of your favorites are here, including tabloid classics like Kato Kaelin, Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fischer. The current attention-whore of the moment is soon-to-be single (hear that ladies?) Tareq Salahi, whose dog burial photo-op puts him in the running for Worst Human Ever. He’s set to duke it out with former ball player and steroid enthusiast, Jose Canseco. There’s even Michael Lohan and Nadya “Octomom” Suleman, whose combined parental skills would create the largest and most dysfunctional family this world has ever known. And the whole thing will be overseen by none-other than Kevin Federline, who will act as honorary ref. Some of the fighters threw fake punches for photo ops, but things got real when Amy Fischer’s husband Lou Ballera socked Joey Buttafuoco in the mouth for real! Check out more of the insanity in the gallery below.

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