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The Ultimate Guide To Seeing Movies Over Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

Thanksgiving Movies 2014

As you prepare to enter a well-deserved food coma this Thanksgiving, it’s important to have a game plan for entertaining the different groups of people who will be forcing you to sleep on the couch. From your children to those pesky in-laws and even reunited siblings, we have the perfect solution to your, “How am I going to deal with these people?!” crisis: Movies.

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Forget the Movies, Which YA Hero Could Actually Save the World?


They’ve started revolutions, fought unearthly beasts, and have been players in some pretty messed up games. From Maze Runner to The Hunger Games and Divergent, each of these stories’ leading men and women kick total ass, and bring a little something different to the table while doing so. But who would you truly trust with your life and the future of mankind?

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Celebrities Whose Dick Pics Are All Over the Internet


We can run, we can hide, but we will never be able to escape celebrity nude photos. Actually, would we even want to? Whether celebrities leak their own photos to show us what they really got goin’ on or claim to be the victims of computer hacking, none of us can deny that once these photos are out there, it’s hard to look away. But why are the headlines always so focused on the ladies?

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Josh Hutcherson Broke Away From The Hunger Games On Saturday Night Live

josh hutcherson snl

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘s Josh Hutcherson hosted Saturday Night Live last night with musical guest HAIM. The young star seemed up for anything last night, whether it was making fun of his character in The Hunger Games, making out with a turkey, lip-synching along with ’80s music or emulating a doomed subway dancer named “Lil’ Peanut.”

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire London Premiere: What Were Those Soggy Stars Thinking?

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It was in the 50s and raining today in London, which sounds pretty typical, right? And also, really uncomfortable if A) you’re a fan who has been staying overnight to catch the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere, or B) you’re one of the movie’s stars trying to be fashionable in a flimsy gown and not-so-sensible shoes. Both parties were still totally happy to see each other, though Donald Sutherland did cut his live streamed interview short, complaining that his feet were cold. Jennifer Lawrence, thankfully, put on her coat for her interview, happily discovering, as she told Yahoo!, that she found two Mentos in her pocket! We’re happy that the stars are willing to suffer for their fans and fashion, but we couldn’t help but caption the above photos with the thoughts we imagine were running through their heads. Not one of which, we assume, was, “Why London?”

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Kate Upton, Ian Somerhalder And More Of Hot Hollywood Show Up For GQ’s Super Bowl Bash

Celebrities at GQ's Super Bowl party

A lot of celebrities had double duty on Saturday night as there were a number of Super Bowl parties happening in New Orleans, most notably the GQ Super Bowl Party with Lil Wayne performing and the DIRECTV Celebrity Beach Bowl, where Justin Timberlake brought Jay-Z onstage. The celebs at the earlier party were pretty casual, but they cleaned up quite nicely for the evening to-do. Except Josh Hutcherson and Chace Crawford, who showed up in denim and a baseball cap and a lot of facial scruff, respectively. They should have taken style cues from Ryan Kwanten and Matt Bomer who both nailed it in sharp suits.

Of course, our eyes were trained on one very gorgeous Ian Somerhalder who turned out in a simple black shirt and jeans. Simple … but perfect, as always. The two ladies in attendance also did quite nicely. Kate Upton slicked on some red lipstick, twisted her hair up in a messy updo and slid into some skinny black pants, a leather bomber jacket and a pair of dark cherry-pointed pumps. Can’t really go wrong with that, right? Hayden Panettiere also took on a three-piece combination but topped hers with a white blazer and beautifully ironed shiny hair. The piece de resistance was her neon orange pumps. It takes a lot to upstage Kate, but we think Hayden managed it. Have a look at our gallery below to see full-length pictures of everyone in attendance.

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