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Happy 20th Birthday, Josh Hutcherson! Celebrate With His 20 Hottest Looks

Josh Hutcherson's 20 Hottest Looks on His 20th Birthday

Two things the doubters doubted: That Peeta Mellark would make it to his 20th birthday, and that Josh Hutcherson would make a convincing Peeta Mellark. Well, I guess I won’t spoil Peeta’s fate for the five of you out there who haven’t read the entire Hunger Games trilogy, but we’re so pleased that the latter came true this year. We imagine the adorable star is probably celebrating his 20th birthday today while surrounded by evil monkeys and electrocuting lakes while filming Catching Fire, so it’s up to us to fete him in a more, well, comfortable manner. We’re looking back at his 20 hottest looks — from casual awards-show looks, to fierce gun-toting on Red Dawn, to dapper red carpet suits. Take a look and tell us you don’t wish he’d come over and decorate a cake for you sometime.

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So, About Josh Hutcherson’s Spider-Man Audition Tape…Too Soon For A Reboot?

Okay, for the next Spider-Man reboot, it’s all Donald Glover. We haven’t forgotten you, dude! The reboot after that, however, should star Josh Hutcherson, who clearly demonstrates that he has all the web-slinging, book-dropping, meathead-pummeling moves in his Spider-Man audition tape. On an unrelated note, if you see a guy throw your friend to the ground, jump twelve feet into the air and then backflip into a three-point stance…maybe you shouldn’t keep trying to fight him? I know bullies aren’t the brightest bulbs in the package, but jeez. On a very related note, those glasses! Eeeeee! Alternate film casting history squee!

Unearthed from the bowels of YouTube by Crushable today, Hutcherson’s fighting demo for the film appears to be dated March 8, 2010. Which means if we got a time machine and traveled back with a DVD of the Hunger Games…no, that wouldn’t be right. Andrew Garfield ended up doing an amazing job with the role; we just need to make more Amazing Spider-Mans to accommodate all the actors we want to see fighting bad guys and kissing upside-down. We mean, they were probably going to reboot it that many times anyway! Amazing Spider-Mans for everyone! On, and in case we didn’t make it clear…those glasses!

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Dude Watch At The MTV Movie Awards: 10 Gents Who Float Our Boats

Male stars, MTV Movie Awards

There’s nothin’ like a dude in a well-cut suit. Scratch that — there’s nothing like a dude in a well-cut anything. Which is why we love this selection of looks that these 10 male celebrities wore to the MTV Movie Awards. A lot of styles were represented. We had classic with Chris Hemsworth in a waistcoat and shirt. That man is so incredibly handsome. Andrew Garfield wore a tie and skinny pants, while Mario Lopez put on a blazer and V-neck. We had the bad boy in Diego Boneta who looked sexy as hell in leather jacket, and hipster, with Josh Hutcherson in a pork pie hat and sneakers. Andy Samberg toed the line between formal and casual, with a blazer teamed with kicks and a casual T-shirt. Perhaps the most eye-catching look of all came courtesy Joe Manganiello who wore a stripper-friendly fireman’s outfit on stage. Hello, abs! Take a look at the gallery below for all the hotness.

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Josh Hutcherson Buys Heath Ledger’s Former Home, Joins The Ranks Of Teen Stars With Awesome Cribs

Josh Hutcherson buys Heath Ledger's former house

It’s gotta be nice to be a teenage celebrity. If your parents tell you to turn your music down, just go out and buy your own house! Yes, while the rest of us were worrying about cleaning our rooms, these fresh faced actors and actresses are splurging on pads of their very own. Hunger Games hero Josh Hutcherson just shelled out some serious bucks to own the Hollywood Hills “tree house” once owned by the late great Heath Ledger. The 1,861 mansion set him back $2.995 million and boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an outdoor theater nestled in the sycamore trees!

Of course, the 19-year-old isn’t the only teenage multimillionaire that’s got a crib of his own. Justin Bieber just recently spent over $6 million on a massive estate on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Country-pop princess Taylor Swift also has a swanky Beverly Hills home to her name, as do former Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Head down to the gallery below to see more incredible homes of teenage stars. As if you needed another reason to be jealous of these guys…

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Josh Hutcherson Explains The Mystery Of His “Broken” Nose

Josh Hutcherson explains why he had surgery on his nose

Hate to admit, but we’re kind of with TMZ on this one: It is just a wee bit disappointing to learn that Josh Hutcherson didn’t break his nose in a dramatic Hunger Games arena re-enactment, in a street fight to protect a damsel in distress, or in some kind of rough sport accident.

“It’s a deviated septum. I was born like that. I was 90 percent blocked in my right nostril and stuff,” he told the gossip site’s cameraman while walking in Beverly Hills yesterday. “I just gotta get it healed up and everything.”

This kind of contradicts what he tweeted last week about recovering from a broken nose, doesn’t it? Or, maybe he just meant that they had to break his nose to fix it? Well, we hope that while the surgeon was helping Josh breathe, he didn’t do anything to “perfect” his schnoz. That tiny bump gives him character!
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Josh Hutcherson’s Broken Nose: We’re Going To Blame It On Catching Fire Auditioners

Josh Hutcherson in Hunger Games and recovering from a broken nose

When Josh Hutcherson was snapped leaving a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office yesterday afternoon, with a bandaged, swollen nose, we knew that he wasn’t getting that adorable mug tweaked for vanity reasons. He’d tweeted about breaking his nose last Wednesday. But because he hasn’t yet revealed how he broke it, fans and bloggers, like our pals at Crushable, have been forced to come up with some wild theories. This morning, we came up with our own, based on news via The Hunger Games Examiner that audition info has been posted for Catching Fire.

Our wild theory? There are some over-eager Finnick and Johanna wannabes out there, ambushing Hunger Games fans in hopes of gaining the attention of director Frances Lawrence for the sequel. No? We are crazy and trying to link everything in Hutcherson’s life to Peeta? You got us there.

Aaaanyway. On the, a notice lists the tributes that will be cast in L.A., noting that extras and stand-ins will be hired in North Carolina, where shooting will begin this summer (so the site says, but Lionsgate’s most recent press release said fall).
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Hunger Games, Bridesmaids Crush Breaking Dawn In MTV Movie Awards Nods

Bridesmaids, Hunger Games, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 Nominated For MTV Movie Awards

Is this the dawn of a new era? The 2012 MTV Movie Awards nominations were announced today, and we’re not sure whether to be surprised about them: The Hunger Games and Bridesmaids lead the pack, with eight nominations apiece; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and 21 Jumpstreet follow with six nods each; and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is way down on the list with only two nominations. After so many years of Twilight mania ruling the show, does this mark the end of an era? Maybe. But it’s also pretty obviously the result of the nominees being chosen entirely by a panel of actors, producers and other insiders rather than by fans as it was last year, when Eclipse lead the pack with eight nods.

Of course, Twi-hards should be relieved to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in their time-honored slot among the Best Kiss nominees. As we predicted, they’ll be going liplock-to-liplock with Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence — along with Crazy, Stupid, Love’s Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, Deathly Hallows’ Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, and The Vow’s Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. When VH1 News caught up with Hutcherson last month, he didn’t think he had too much of a chance to beat Robsten.

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5 Ways Josh Hutcherson Can Use His Punk’d Experience To Play Peeta Mellark

We already think Josh Hutcherson did a great job as Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, but the kid’s got a lot of work ahead of him still. Catching Fire and Mockingjay are no walk in the park for the baker’s boy. So we’re very glad MTV and Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale took it upon themselves to help him keep his acting chops in shape by targeting him in last night’s episode of Punk’d. Hutch thought he was going out for coffee and lunch with two of his friends, but the friend in the driver’s seat realized their car was being followed and soon they found themselves being interrogated in an LAPD station. Through it all, Josh kept his cool in a way that would make Haymitch proud, even if he may have been freaking out on the inside. Here’s how we think this whole experience can help him enter the arena once more. (Warning: Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read books two and three.)

1. Josh calmly identifies himself to the 911 operator (Lucy Hale), and doesn’t even mention the fact that the mysterious voice coming from a radio in the car has poked fun of his “dirty, one-size-too-small tank top.” Peeta is also used to being under surveillance and knows not to lose his cool in front of the cameras.
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Stars Get Ritzy For The CinemaCon Awards, Charlize Theron Wears Sexiest Black Dress Ever

Before we say anything about what everyone else wore, we need to say this … HOLY SH–, CHARLIZE THERON! How does she do it? And by that we mean, how does she look like that? The CinemaCon 2012 Awards Ceremony went down at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night, and Charlize slinked down the red carpet wearing the sexiest, raciest Dion Lee LBD in the history of all little black dresses. The fact that she wore strappy Giuseppe Zanotti heels didn’t hurt either. Take a bow, Charlize.

Also wearing black at the same event were Jennifer Garner and Michelle Pfeiffer. Jennifer wasn’t quite working her Michael Kors dress, perhaps because it should have been worn with different shoes. The ones she had on looked like bandages and were far too clunky. Michelle defied age in her a sheer-panelled dress that showed off a rocking bod. Our favorite, other than Charlize, would be Chloe Moretz who wore a metallic dark blue Kenzo dress with hidden slant pockets.

Other celebrities who attended included the likes of Josh Hutcherson, Anna Faris and Jeremy Renner, to name a few.

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Josh Hutcherson, Chaz Bono, Kat Graham Celebrate Equality In Style At GLAAD Media Awards

The 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards went down on Saturday night at at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in L.A. Lovely ladies like Kat Graham, Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich attended. Larter looked tiny in a ruched red Zac Posen dress while Jovovich was draped in vintage Halston. Kat nailed it in a strapless black gown by Indian designer duo Alpana Neeraj. Grand dames like Betty White made an appearance too. She walked the red carpet with Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves — her co-stars on Hot in Cleveland.

Cher and Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack presented the Stephen F. Kolzak Award to Chaz Bono for making a significant difference in promoting equality. We also love that Josh Hutcherson got the Vanguard Award for the LGBT ally organization he co-founded called Straight But Not Narrow. The award was presented to him by Benicio del Toro, no less. Have a look for yourselves at all the very evident camaraderie between the stars in the gallery below.

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