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What Is Jennifer Lawrence Is Looking Forward To In Hunger Games Sequels?

To our 2011 selves who may have maybe for a minute doubted that Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence would make the right Peeta and Katniss in The Hunger Games, I present exhibit A: the actors’ latest interview with MTV News. The two are absolutely hilarious together, teasing and complimenting each other in a way that suggests they formed a real bond in the arena. Our favorite moment is when they’re asked what they’re looking forward to in the sequels, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Major spoilers and video after the jump.
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Vanessa Hudgens Hits The Beach With A Bikini And A Boyfriend, Hotness Ensues

Chances are pretty good that Vanessa Hudgens is having a much better (and warmer) January than you. After turning heads at the People’s Choice Awards last week in sunny Los Angeles, she and super hot co-star Josh Hutcherson flew down under to Sydney to promote Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and soak up some of the local summer rays. And now V-Hudge has been spotted mackin’ it with boyfriend Austin Butler on a beach in Hawaii. She’s like some kind of warm weather Carmen Sandiego! Do Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have some competition for the “Hottest Bikini Makeout Session” title? We certainly think so. Check out the gallery below and see for yourself!

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See The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence As The Girl About To Be On Fire

Here’s how The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen describes the most famous piece of clothing since Bella’s wedding gown: “A few hours later, I am dressed in what will either be the most sensational or the deadliest costume in the opening ceremonies. I’m in a simple black unitard that covers me from ankle to neck. Shiny leather boots lace up to my knees.”

Now, over at, you can see how Gary Ross and company have turned Suzanne Collins’ words into reality in an exclusive pic of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Lenny Kravitz. So far, so good, right? But there are a few things missing from the rest of her description:
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Hello, Josh Hutcherson, Or Shall We Just Say, “Ahoy, Matey!”

Check out Vanessa Hudgens and Peeta Mellark Josh Hutcherson kicking it at the photo call for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. While Vanessa look adorable, we think Josh decided to take the “Island” theme of the movie to heart. Because what else could explain this jaunty (we’re being polite), nautical outfit? Turned up jeans, flip-flops and better still — a striped sleeveless tank top? C’mon, Josh! We know you like to dress down, thanks to those photos we saw of you at Coachella. But how about putting something that doesn’t make us giggle. See — we even compiled a list of your 19 hottest looks. Do flip through for some inspiration.

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Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson Talks Jennifer Lawrence, Epic Pranks

Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson opened up about Peeta’s kiss with Katniss at the People’s Choice Awards last night (“It’s good,” he promised). That seems like more than enough to get his loyal band of Peeta-philes (note to self: never use that term again) jonesing for a real life romance between Hutcherson and co-star Jennifer Lawrence. “I don’t know how you can be prepared for that kind of thing,” the actor laughed when Celebuzz asked about the pressure to have a spark with his fellow Tribute. “People are always going to infer and draw their opinions. I’m ready for people’s opinions, that’s for sure.” The fact that Josh didn’t just immediately say, “Get a life, people” gives us the warmest feeling in our tiny, shriveled hearts.

If there is romance in their future, at least Josh and Jennifer already passed an important relationship milestone: peeing in front of each other. Oh sorry, we meant, peeing on themselves after being startled by a mannequin. “They had a full life-sized dummy of one of our tributes that had gotten killed by a tracker jacker, and basically it’s all swollen and gnarly-looking and mangled, and Jennifer was out of her trailer so I took the dummy and put it inside her bathroom in her trailer,” Hutcherson revealed to MTV News with a grin. “I wasn’t there for the big moment when she saw it, which I can’t believe I missed, but I’ve been told that she actually peed her pants in reaction to it.” Ugh, we should be ashamed that this sort of makes us swoon, right? Okay, that’s what we thought.

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Hunger Games Star Josh Hutcherson On Peeta And Katniss’ Kiss: “It’s Good!”

For someone who is on the verge of mega-stardom, The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson could not be a more easygoing, earnest and sweet guy to talk too. Seriously, some actors are good at laying it on thick and rolling out manufactured answers, but talking to Josh is like chatting with a friend. Kinda reminds me of another interview favorite whose name rhymes with Robert Pattinson. Wait, that is his name. Well, you catch my drift.

I was given two questions with Josh at the People’s Choice Awards, but as you can see in the video above, I just kept talking as he headed on to his next interview. I’m not gonna lie, guys, I was kinda tongue-tied and nervous. I’ve been waiting to talk to this dude for so long and am SO excited to see him as Peeta that my mouth turned to mush when he sauntered up to my spot on the carpet. It was like finally speaking to the guy you’ve had a crush on for months and then being too freaked out to form a sentence. But I did manage to ask him a few things: about his bond with Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence, his favorite scene to shoot in the movie, that kiss, and if he gets freaked out by the fame and Team Peeta movement. He’s all yours in the video above.

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Sort-Of New Hunger Games Stills Released

Lionsgate has done all of us a heavy and released a mostly fresh batch of The Hunger Games stills to ogle. While the countdown to March 23 continues, we’re pretty much champing at the bit to get out hands on it, so we’re excited about the “new” photos Lionsgate released this week, even if we’re pretty sure we’ve seen them all before. There are some photos that were previously exclusives with other magazines and sites, like the one of Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket with Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen in a scene that we know is going to make us bawl — when Katniss volunteers herself instead of Rue — as well as one of Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson and Josh Hutcherson as Cinna, Haymitch and Peeta discussing strategy, and a behind-the-scenes shot of Jennifer in the forest. There are also stills of what we’ve seen in the trailer, such as the one of Amandla Stenberg as Rue, warrior Katniss holding a bow, and Katniss and Liam Hemsworth‘s Gale in the meadow and the one we included above, of Katniss being led to the arena. But yeah, so what if it’s all familiar territory? We don’t want the whole darn movie spoiled for us!

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Josh Hutcherson Looks Particularly Peeta-y In New Hunger Games Still

Christmas came early today in the form of this new Hunger Games still, which shows Katniss and Peeta training before the games. We thrilled to find Josh Hutcherson looking the most Peeta-y we’ve seen him — blond, buff and seriously handsome. We’ve been hard on the guy in the past, but this photo — combined with his serious acting skills — gives us a lot of hope for his portrayal Peeta. Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing as usual, and seeing them together has sparked our curiosity about their on-screen chemistry. Readers, are you sold?

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Justin Timberlake, Minka Kelly, Kellan Lutz Heat Up GQ Men Of The Year Party

At last night’s party for the GQ Men of the Year, our friends over at MTV News asked a very important question: Who would win in a fight, GQ’s Men or People’s Sexiest Men?

“I’ll take on the whole entire cast of Parks and Recreation. I’ll leave Justin [Timberlake] to take care of Glee and Jimmy Fallon could karate-chop the rest of those guys,” GQ honoree Jay-Z joked. And Joe Manganiello, who made People’s list of 25 Sexy Chests to Be Thankful For (amen!), had the most brilliant idea: “I think we should do it for charity!”

While we get in line for tickets to that one (please, powers that be, make it happen!), let’s take a look at some of the hottest fashions on display at last night’s festivities, from men (the likes of Kellan Lutz, Armie Hammer and Josh Hutcherson) and women (Minka Kelly, Sarah Silverman, Emma Roberts and more).

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The Top 5 Reveals We Want From The Hunger Games Full Trailer

Cancel your surgery and tell your kids to drive themselves to preschool: the Hunger Games trailer is set to premiere Monday, November 14 on Good Morning America sometime during the 8:00am hour. Josh Hutcherson will introduce the clip (shortly before he has his clothes torn off by howling fans), and the trailer will even be playing on a Jumbotron in Times Square, in case you needed a reason to be screaming Liam Hemsworth‘s name in front of the M&M store. While the Hunger Games teaser trailer offered some hints about the film in August, we are hoping the full trailer will give us more details about a few things, such as:

  • The Cornucopia: Once we see the Cornucopia shining in the sun, we know the Games are on. So much delicious food, so many deadly weapons…so little time.
  • Peeta declaring his crush on Katniss: Okay, sure, the “star-crossed lovers” relationship might be semi-manufactured to capture the hearts and minds of a bleak dystopia, but we’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone. We know Jen is going to make that emotion look real.
  • The mutants: Guys, there has not nearly been enough hype about the bizarro animals, or muttations, that we have to look forward to during the Games. Wolf beasts with human eyes? Yes. Please.
  • The fashion: Almost as awesome as the sure-to-be-disturbing tracker jackers, we’d love a glimpse of Effie Trinket’s amazing wigs, Caesar Flickerman’s powder blue eyelids or Cinna’s anything.
  • The girl on fire: Here’s hoping we get a sneak peek of Katniss consumed in (synthetic) flame. If that doesn’t bring non-fans on board, nothing will.

What about you? What are you hoping we peep this coming Monday?

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