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Joy Behar Hits Back At Snooki And JWoww’s Video Parody

Seen the Snooki and JWoww video parody of Joy Behar, yet? It’s pretty hilarious, but didn’t the Jersey Shore guidettes know that Joy was totally going to hit back? Of course, the snark’s hidden by a veil of politeness, with Joy releasing a statement that reads, “I wish Snooki all the best with her book.” But considering the fake Joy-real Snooki character said things like “I don’t give a f— about anyone because my heart is this small” on the video, the gloves are now off.

Behar responded to the mock-video on The View saying, “I didn’t know they allowed cameras into AA meetings.” She was joking of course, but… was she really?  We doubt she excepted them to be listening, much less responding to the (plenty of) stuff she says about the Jersey Shore crew. About Snooki and JWoww personally, she added, “I didn’t realize I was such a big celebrity for them to take me on like that.” Agreed. But it’s pretty damn funny either way.


Snooki Channels Joy Behar In Talk Show Parody Video

Snooki and J-Woww are certainly not oblivious to what people say about them. The two Jersey Shore stars filmed their own phony talk show recently and Snooki did an impression of The View‘s Joy Behar where she took Behar to task for constantly criticizing the Jersey Shore. Watch as Snooki chastises herself for waking up in garbage cans, managing to write a book while illiterate, and being a whore. Our favorite part is toward the end where Snooki-as-Joy explains why she hates the Shore kids so much, saying  “I don’t give a f— about anyone because my heart is this small.”


Whoopi Counsels Heidi And Spencer

The chatty ladies of The View + Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt = drama! The Hills stars stopped by The View this morning to rap with Barbara Walters and the ladies about their botched courthouse wedding and their family drama.

Spencer revealed that he called off their courthouse wedding, which would have made their Mexican “wedding” official, because he had a “robbing feeling.” Heidi has always wanted a “princess” wedding with a traditional cake and dress, and apparently Spencer felt at the last minute that he was taking that away from her.

Suspicious as the rest of the world is, Barbara leaned in and asked, “Is this for real?” Heidi and Spencer delivered their perfectly pre-packaged answers: “I really want to get married,” said Heidi. “Everything on The Hills is real,” answered Spencer.

Although now they are allegedly planning the wedding of Heidi’s dreams, they have encountered some family drama, especially with Heidi’s mom. According to Spencer, Heidi’s mom “believes everything she reads,” and doesn’t know the real him.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested the reality couple go spend a couple weeks with Heidi’s mom in Colorado, where she lives, but Spencer insisted that was impossible because “they don’t give us a day off without cameras.”

Whoopi then said that they need to demand for those days off. Nothing like a little Whoopi to knock some sense into Speidi. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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