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Archer to Re-Reboot and 25 Spoilers for Season 6

ARCHER -- Pictured: Sterling Archer. CR. FX

After breaking away from the original concept to explore a world of drug cartels and ‘80s references in season five, FX’s Archer returns to the spy game when the show comes back in January. During a panel at New York Comic Con, it became evidently clear that Vice is very much in the past — though the departure did earn the series its first Best Animated Series Emmy nomination — when FX screened the first episode. The cast also shared some spoilers that made us antsy for the return of the series.

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Jason Segel And Judy Greer Get Childish At The Jeff Who Lives At Home Premiere

In his new film Jeff Who Lives At Home, Jason Segel plays a thirtysomething named Jeff who lives at home (shocker!). He resides in his mother’s basement to be precise, where he exists as an emotionally stunted “man-child” who lounges his life away staring off into space. But if you think that this is pretty much a documentary on Jason’s day-to-day life, think again. The dude’s got too much stuff to do!

“I think those character are more of a reflection of who I was in my early twenties,” the surprisingly serious funny man admitted to VH1 News. “I work too hard to really indulge in that anymore. I think I did four movies last year, and I wrote two of them. I don’t really have time to screw around anymore.” That’s right, he’s busting his hump to bring us hilariously heartwarming comedies…with a dose of nudity thrown in for good measure. “[A] present for the ladies,” he says.

Co-star Judy Greer, on the other hand, isn’t above the odd childish trait every now and then. Just don’t try and get her to talk about it!

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Judy Greer Sticks Up For George Clooney

If there’s one man who really needs folks to come to his defense, it’s George Clooney. In some weird alternate universe, maybe. But anyway, we were a tiny bit surprised (but also nodding in half agreement), by what his Descendants co-star Judy Greer had to say about him losing the Oscar to Jean Dujardin. She was promoting her role in Jeff, Who Lives at Home, and though it was already weeks after the Oscars, we wanted to ask what she enjoyed most about the whirlwind of red carpets and interviews and fancy-dress parties that is awards season. And her answer was refreshingly frank.

“I thought I was going to say the Oscars were the highlight, but I was really disappointed that George didn’t win,” the Arrested Development alum told VH1 News. “I was disappointed that the movie didn’t win and Alexander as well, but I don’t know, I really thought George was going to win and thought he should have.”
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Ed Helms Talks The End Of The Office

Fans of NBC’s The Office were cautiously optimistic when star Steve Carell departed the series last spring. Although quite clearly the heart and soul of the show, many hoped that the incredibly strong ensemble cast would carry the series through at least a few more successful seasons without the hapless Michael Scott at thte helm. But sadly, it already looks as though the remaining Dunder Mifflin crew is starting to splinter. James Spader has announced his exit after a year on the show as office jedi Robert California. Show writer and actor Mindy Kaling has an uncertain future on the show, depending on whether her her pilot is picked up over at Fox, and head-writer Daniel Chun has signed a deal with rival network ABC.

VH1 News caught up with current Dunder Mifflin boss Ed Helms while he was promoting Jeff Who Lives At Home last weekend. In addition to talking about his new film, Helms opened up about how he’d like the see The Office wrapped up when the time finally comes. “I hope whatever it is — I hope it’s after a nice long run and has a real celebration of the amazing cast.” We have to admit, even as the cast starts to pursue other opportunities, we’ll still be sad to say farewell to the prime-time mainstay that’s been bringing laughter to homes (and offices!) for nearly seven years. Even without Carell, The Office has always left us smiling and satisfied.

That’s what she said.

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2012 Oscar Metallics: Are Rose Byrne And Anna Faris Morphing Into Each Other?

Do Rose Byrne and Anna Faris have the same stylist? They look like twins on the red carpet! Even their hair is almost the same length and style. Both remarkably slender ladies wore similar gowns, although Rose’s Vivienne Westwood shows more skin than Anna’s Diane von Furstenberg. We do love us some black sequins, and even though she’s all covered up, Anna’s DVF has our vote.

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Green Arrow, Judy Greer, Mindy Kaling And Other Pilot News We Love

Usually, it’s hard to think about next fall’s TV lineup when we haven’t even caught up on all the American Idol audition episodes in our DVR, but this year, we’re allowing ourselves to be a wee bit excited. ‘Tis the season for networks to order up pilots, and they seem to have done so with us in mind. The CW is delivering us another hot superhero, while Fox and ABC have gotten the memo that funny ladies are SO IN. Here are some pilots we’re crossing our fingers for:

  • Stephen Amell was announced today as the title character of the CW’s Green Arrow, a rich playboy who saves his down with, you guessed it, super special arrows. The show’s being produced by Green Lantern’s Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, and Fringe co-executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. Amell most recently played a male prostitute on Hung, but in our minds he will always be known as the vindictive werewolf who tortured Caroline on The Vampire Diaries. And an image search for pics of him shirtless will lead you to some interesting websites. Just saying.
  • Arrested Development vet Judy Greer, who’s been getting rave reviews for her small but pivotal role in The Descendants, is the star of American Judy, a single-camera comedy ordered by ABC, per Deadline. The story, loosely based on her own experience, follows a woman who gets married, moves to the suburbs and becomes a step-mother to kids whose mom is the sheriff of the town.

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Gothic Romance Sweeps The Critics’ Choice Red Carpet

While there were splashes of color on the red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, there was also the predicable black-on-black-on-black ensembles. But the mood was anything but sombre, as those sporting black gowns added an edge to their style with a gothic twist that played off the vampiric undertones of 2011’s trends. Charlize Theron was statuesque in a gown that cascaded in tiers to her feet, with a sleek braid and minimal accessories giving the dark look a modern, fresh feel. Evan Rachel Wood also opted for a floor length gown, and her lacy number, porcelain skin and twisted up-do lent the the look a stoic, old-world air. Judy Greer also went for gothic femininity, in a body-hugging dress overlaid with intricate black lace. Kirsten Dunst wore a beautiful Dior LBD, and embellished with ribbon and tulle, Kirsten bought her signature quirky, fashion forward style to the runway. Also rocking a shorter dress was Chloe Moretz, who went all out on the goth trend in Chanel, wearing shearling sleeves on a baby doll dress with raw seams and ancient looking brooch adorning the collar.

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