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The 30 Best Celeb Halloween Costumes You Missed This Weekend: Darren Criss, Deryck Whibley & More

Celebrities spent this past weekend dressing up and showing off their Halloween spirit. With Halloween mere days away there’s still time to perfect your costumes or try a new one out for the day, so we’ve gathered 30 celebrity Halloween costumes from the weekend that might inspire you.

If you want to get back at your ex, use Deryck Whibley as inspiration who dressed up as his ex-wife Avril Lavigne and her new man Chad Kroeger with a friend. If you’re not in a malicious mood and are looking for something cute, check out Darren Criss‘ adorable Moonrise Kingdom costume. Or, are you looking for some good couples’ costume ideas for you and your significant other? Take a look at Kim Kardashian and Kayne West and JWoww and Roger Mathews for inspiration.

For these and other ideas, browse through our celebrity Halloween 2012 gallery below!

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Pretty Little Liars’ Julian Morris Is This Week’s Hotness!

Congrats to all the ladies (and gents) out there who go week in the knees for a British accent and/or a set of scrubs. Your persistent voting paid off, and Julian Morris, a.k.a. Wren on Pretty Little Liars, beat out his three co-stars who get way more screen time than he does. Julian got a whopping 45 percent of the votes, crushing second-place Keegan Allen, third Tyler Blackburn and fourth Ian Harding. Now if only you could convince Spencer that her sister’s ex is a much healthier choice than Team A member Toby, we’d be all set. (Sorry, Spoby fans, Keegan’s abs don’t make up for murder and blackmail!)

Pretty Little Liars' Julian Morris won this week's hotness poll.

We will reward Wren lovers with two more steamy videos below. The rest of you can still enjoy our full gallery of all four PLL hotties.

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Pretty Little Liars Guys: Will Their Un-Pretty Moments Sway Your Vote For This Week’s Hotness?

Phew! We are so relieved that none of the contestants for this week’s Hotness was offed in last night’s Pretty Little Liars Halloween special. That would have made all this a little macabre. (Sorry, Garrett, RIP.) On the other hand, it is definitely a crime to have Caleb in a mask for most of an episode. Aaanyway, if you still haven’t decided whether Tyler Blackburn, Ian Harding, Keegan Allen or Julian Morris deserves your vote, we have one more way to help you — cute/hilarious/seductive videos of them not being Caleb, Ezra, Toby or Wren.

First up, we dare you not to fall in love with Tyler after seeing him sing in the video above. This was for last year’s Web series Wendy, an updated Peter Pan story in which he played indie rocker Peter. How is it fair that he looks like that, is a convincing actor AND can sing too?

Oh, damn. Keegan’s got some skillz too… Read more…

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Pretty Little Liars Guys: Who Should Be This Week’s Hotness?

Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn, Julian Morris and Keegan Allen battle for your votes

Just in time for the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special — where we hear one male resident of Rosewood is going to die! — we’ve brought the Weekly Hotness poll back from beyond the grave. And we’re pretty sure this election has more undecided voters than that other one set to go down in two weeks. Are you hot for teacher Ezra, a.k.a. Ian Harding, and his sensitive literary style. Or does Caleb’s (Tyler Blackburn) lethal combination of bad-boy rep, computer smarts and sculpted cheekbones get you where it counts? Did the “BetrAyal” devastate you and your Toby-loving (Keegan Allen) heart? Or are you rooting for Dr. Wren (Julian Morris) to step in and steal back Spencer or Hanna? (Regardless of where your loyalties lie, you have to admit it’s weird that Wren is still single.) We’ll be back tomorrow with more ways help you make your decision — along with plenty of OMGs over tonight’s ep — but in the meantime, enjoy this extensive gallery of the four rather Pretty boys. And vote! Poll closes Friday at 8 a.m.

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