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Almost Every Actor You Know Was on Party Down

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Five years ago, Starz debuted Party Down, a deadpan comedy about struggling actors working for a catering company. Starring soon-to-be breakout stars, such as Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Jane Lynch (Glee), and Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), the show quickly became a critical darling. Sadly though, it didn’t connect with fans at the time and lasted only 20 episodes. Since then, it’s become a cult classic with new fans (hopefully) discovering the series now that it’s streaming on Hulu Plus.

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Ass Backwards: The Next Big Lady Comedy You’re Going To Want To See

If you aren’t tuning into Happy Endings or haven’t yet caught the web series Burning Love (now headed to E!), then you’re missing the magic of Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael (pictured above with Paul Scheer and director Chris Nelson). The longtime writing/acting team is well known on the comedy circuit, and they just hit up Sundance with their lady buddy flick, Ass Backwards. The stars used a successful Kickstarter campaign to pay for the last five days of shooting, and now we’re able to bask in the glory of their finished project.

EW has an exclusive clip from the film, in which the women take a road trip back to their hometown to battle their childhood enemy (played by Alicia Silverstone, hurray!) in a beauty pageant. In it, they sing along with their CD copy of “Take On Me,” skips and all. The scene is based on their own real life road trip together. “The CDs that Casey brought with her were all scratched,” Raphael told EW. “Les Mis was fortunately or unfortunately the least scratched one so it got the most air time.”

We’re sure Anne Hathaway would approve — and sing along.

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