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10 Things You Need To Know About Justin Theroux That Doesn’t Involve Jennifer Aniston

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On Sunday, Justin Theroux returns to the small screen with his starring role in HBO’s The Leftovers as Kevin Garvey, the police chief in the suburban community coping with life after the rapture. Theroux, who has starred in a number of movies and appeared on popular shows, such as Six Feet Under, has recently become most famous for being Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend. That’s why his return to TV is so exciting.

The role is his first on screen appearance since 2012’s Wanderlust, which co-starred you’ll never guess who. While the film was a mild success, it didn’t showcase the many talents of Theroux, which are often overshadowed by his relationship with Aniston. Are they getting married? Is she pregnant? Is Theroux better than John Mayer? Does he have cold feet? Does she? Frankly, we don’t care because we are excited about the man that appears on screen but also does a lot behind the scenes, including writing and directing the sequel to the cult-classic, Zoolander. How is that for unexpected?

So click through the gallery above to enjoy looking at, while learning a little bit about Theroux. Trust us, there’s more to him than being Mr. Aniston.


Justin Theroux Focused More On His Body Than Jennifer Aniston

Justin Theroux has a new love in his life and it’s not Jennifer Aniston. It’s his body. The actor has been keeping in shape ahead of the premiere of his new series, The Leftovers on HBO, but maybe it’s a bit too focused. (Not that we’re complaining.)

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Jennifer Aniston + Justin Theroux’s Relationship On Ice

While Kim and Kanye have a lot to look forward thanks to a set wedding date, things aren’t quite the same for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. It’s been reported that the two still don’t have a wedding date but it looks like one may never get set.

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Are Jennifer Aniston And Just Theroux Getting Cold Feet?

Wedding worries kick off Tuesday’s edition of The Gossip Table. Even though Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged last summer the two still haven’t made the trip down the aisle. Rob Shuter reports that sources are saying that the two may never get married. The couple was reportedly happier before the pressures of the wedding began to set in. Unlike her ex, one marriage may be enough for Aniston.

Speaking of Brad Pitt, the actor walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of World War Z. Marianne Garvey tells us that his daughters are not allowed to see the film, unless of course, Selena Gomez was in it (for some reason). Not only are his girls a fan of the actress/singer but Pitt is as well.

Meanwhile, the drama continues for The Bachelorette.

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Brandy, Sofia Vergara Other Stars Show Off Their Fab Beach Vacations While We Freeze

Brandy, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston and other stars have more fabulous vacations than you this winter.

We’re not suggesting they’re doing this on purpose, mind you, but yeah, sometimes it’s a little too obvious that the rich and beautiful have wayyyy better holidays than we do. We’re stuck freezing our butts off at home, or numbing our butts off as we wait in airports going to and from relatives’ homes, while they’re showing off their perfectly toned butts in tiny bikinis in Hawaii. OK, rant off. Instead, we will ring in the new year by vicariously enjoying how hot Brandy looks in Hawaii right after announcing her engagement; what incredible bodies Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have, how happy Sofia Vergara looks on that boat, how comfortable Jessica Simpson is with her second pregnancy cleave, how the sun loves Rita Ora by the pool, how naughty Rihanna is in that photo we can’t post here and how nice in the one we can … Well, just check these all out for yourself. And if you find yourself feeling bitter again, just remember that they probably can’t indulge in that second glass of eggnog like you can.

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The 12 Cutest Pictures Of Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: A Romantic Timeline

After a whirlwind 15-month reign as the most unhateably ecstatic couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced their engagement today! The two Wanderlust costars have been on a romantic wanderlust of their own since May of last year, and in the process have given us some truly adorable photo ops. It’s incredible, we never thought we’d be happy to see her with anyone other than Ross Geller!  So as our way of saying congrats, we’ve assembled a timeline of their relationship, as well as our picks for their 12 cutest photos of all time. Enjoy!

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2007: The pair met while Jennifer was visiting the set of Tropic Thunder. The film was co-written by Justin Theroux with Jen’s good friend Ben Stiller.

Summer 2010: Met again on the set of Wanderlust. Jennifer was actually in this one, as was Justin. She claims to have not recognized him at first because of his long hair and beard he had for the film.

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Justin Theroux Pops The Question, Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged!

Jennifer Aniston Engaged To Justin Theroux

Why are we hopping up and down on one foot at this news? We don’t really know, but it’s our way of expressing joy. Our girl Jennifer Aniston is engaged! You should be hopping too. Her boyfriend, now fiance, Justin Theroux had a double celebration on Friday, when he celebrated his 41st birthday, and asked Jen to marry him! His spokesperson spilled the beans to People, saying, “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage.” Spokesperson … or poet? We’ve been hoping that these two would go the distance and every passing milestone in their relationship made us feel like it was going to happen. Like when they moved in together. Or when Jen and Justin sent out that joint Christmas card. Come on — she got her man to breakdance on the Ellen show in front of the whole world! If that didn’t indicate just how serious they were about each other, we don’t know what would. So, yes. We are thrilled she’s getting married and are going to keep our ears in flap mode for any wedding stuff including — and this is the big one — what she’s going to wear. And during this happy moment, can we please request that the world switches off snark mode? Let’s not go into the fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be getting hitched and just leave this to two people doing their thing without any other ulterior motive other than wanting to get married to each other. Okay? Cool.

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Chris And Liam Hemsworth Remind Us About All The Non-Magic Mike-Related Hotness Out There

Chris Hemsworth GQ Photos

We have been dedicating so much of our erotic energy (approximately 87%) to the upcoming release of Magic Mike, we haven’t been paying adequate attention to all the non-Tatum-related hotness out there on the internet. Luckily after Justin Theroux’s insane 8-pack slammed us in the face over at Us Weekly this afternoon, the Hemsworth brothers gently reminded us to get our heads back in the game. To wit, have you seen Chris Hemsworth‘s smoking GQ photo shoot? Good. Lawd. “[My body image has] helped me get a job, sure. But you hope it’s not the only thing that helped,” the Snow White and The Huntsman actor laughed in his interview. Right, there’s also Chris’s hair. Haha, just kidding. There’s also his body.

Liam Hemsworth Empire State Phtoos

Not to be out-hunked (an offense no hottie can publicly tolerate), Deadline posted the first photos of Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson in Empire State. The movie is allegedly about “the true story of two pals in the 1980s who stole all the money stored at an armored car company,” but as far as we can tell the photos are about Miley Cyrus laughing all the way to the bank. The gorgeous fiance bank. We’re going to get a loan from that bank if it kills us.

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