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Sexy Movie Couples We Wish Were Dating In Real Life

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After a couple falls in love in movies, we fall in love with them. Take Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, who fell in love with big hair and neon clothes in 1998’s The Wedding Singer, again in 2004’s 50 First Dates, and this in Blended. What we love about these two goofballs is that they’re best buds in real life, with a chemistry that translates on screen. They’re both married with families now, but if they dated back in the day, we would’ve been beyond happy.

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Who Said It: Kate Hudson or Katy Hudson?


Ahead of the release of Kate Hudson’s new film, Wish I Was Here, we wanted to put her fans to the test to find out just how well they know the starlet’s films. The actress has starred in a number of rom-coms that have Hudson being chased by hot leading men and looking for love in all the wrong places — or right, depending on the outcome. While entertaining, they can be formulaic at times, with lines that sound like a Katy Hudson — err Perry — lyric. In the past, we’ve broken down the singer’s cliches and we realized that they were pretty similar to something Hudson would say on screen.

With that in mind, it’s time to figure out who said it: Kate Hudson or Katy Hudson? In the quiz, we pulled out lyrics from some of Perry’s biggest hits and put them up against Hudson’s most quotable lines. Can you determine just exactly who said it?

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Bad Chemistry: The 10 Most Hilariously Unconvincing Movie Couples

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Movie couple chemistry is everything. A film could have an abominable script, be shot terribly, and have the dumbest trailer ever, but if we believe that the onscreen duo actually wants to rip each other’s clothes off, it’s a hit. Sadly, no amounting of perfect casting can predict whether or not a pairing will work. Who’s sexier than Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones? And yet, in Oceans Twelve, they behaved like they were just meeting after a few awkward texts on Tinder. And what about Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen in the Star Wars series? Their relationship was supposed to be so epic that it begat Luke and Leia — but the duo was so sexless that you almost believed their kids came into the world via immaculate conception. And we won’t even get into the wasted beauty that was Beyonce and Idris Elba in Obsessed

Here, the ten terrible movie couples we love to hate.

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Kate Hudson + Zach Braff Are Suspiciously Good At Playing House Together

By Melissa Smith
Zach Braff and Kate Hudson play husband and wife in Wish I was Here quite believably. And, OK, we know they’re just friends, but when we caught up with them at the film’s Sundance premiere, we could swear there was some serious real life chemistry going on! Between their doe-eyed gazes and the way they’d chime in to finish each other’s thoughts, our inner matchmaker’s imagination was fired up. Should Matt Bellamy and Taylor Bagley (Zach’s model gf) be worried?
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Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart And The Women Of Sundance 2014

Mad Men may be months away, but Joan and Roger are together again in God’s Pocket (starring Christina Hendricks and directed by John Slattery), which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The list of breakout stars from the 2014 Park City fest is already lengthy–and as always, there is the far-from-shabby Robert Redford to gush about. In addition to acclaimed performances from newcomer Miles Teller in Whiplash, Hollywood royalty like Kate Hudson and Maggie Gyllenhaal have jumped into their ski boots, with impressive indie performances in tow.

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Good Things Come in Small Packages! 10 Hot Celebs With Tiny Racks

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When it comes to sex symbols, the big, busty stars get all the love. But what about their small-breasted sisthren? You don’t have to look like ScarJo or Kimmie K. to be scorching hot! Proportionally small celebs like Kate Hudson (the queen of all A-cups) and Kiera Knightley are just as wildly lusted-after. Plus, they’re fiercely proud of their bods, and have no problem proudly baring them for films and photo shoots. As Nicole Richie once said, “I used to want a bigger chest, but now I like being flat. Clothes fit better, and I don’t really need to wear a bra.” What’s hotter than confidence?

The truth is, no matter what you’re working with — whether it be luscious curves, or a waify frame — all boobs are sexy. But today, let’s salute our favorite flat-chested hotties! All hail the itty bitty t*tty committee.

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