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The Smiths! The Jolie-Pitts! 10 Celeb Families Made for Reality TV

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The Kardashians aren’t the only fascinating family in Hollywood (of course, the word “fascinating” is totally up for interpretation). TV has been putting high-drama celebrity families on TV for ages. The Osbournes, the Houstons, the Lohans. Guiliana and Bill. The screechy stage mama melodrama that was Brandy & Ray J.¬†Even Hollywood heavyweight Mark Wahlberg is getting in on the action, starring with his mom and his bros Donnie and Paul in an unscripted A&E series about their family-owned restaurant, Wahlburgers.

But there are oodles of other A-list broods we’d love to see dip their pampered, pedicured toes in the reality waters. Who wouldn’t want to a voyeuristic peek at the lives of Will, Jada, and their fascinating kids (a Kylie Jenner-dating son who tweets damning critiques about our educational system; a jazz hands-y daughter who “whips her haaaair back and forth”)? And the Jolie-Pitts are a no brainer. All those gorgeous, perfectly curated children with inventive names and perfect hair!

Here, our votes for the ten Hollywood families we’d kill to see on reality TV.

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After The Royal Baby, Who Are Our Favorite Georges?

Royal baby leaves the hospital

The lovable new prince finally has a name: George Alexander Louis. And in honor of the royal baby, we take a look at some our favorite guys also named George.

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10 Non-Royal Celebrity Children With Royal Names

Royal Names

James, George, Jamiroquai? Now that Kate Middleton has popped, tons are eagerly monitoring their Twitter feeds for news of what the future king will be called. And if you have money invested in the battle between the reported frontrunners, you’re likely sweating. But why all the fuss? Plenty of celebrities have given their children the royal treatment without so much as a thought to lineage, knighthood, or gene pools.

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