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Hey SMASHIES! This week, Hitlist tried to get some producers so they can go to Broadway, Eileen tried to get as much press for Bombshell as possible and, most surprisingly, Kathie Lee Gifford did NOT drink a glass of wine during her cameo! There were a few cliffhangers that shocked me, but until they are solved next week, here are this week’s top ten moments from SMASH! Get your blond wigs and tap shoes on – here we go!

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Tom Hanks’ Adorable GMA F-Bomb Joins Our Top 10 Best Celebrity On-Air Blunders

Only Tom Hanks could drop a filthy f-bomb on Good Morning America and have us find him more endearing. Maybe it’s that mustache? It’s very sweet in a dad way, very Mr. Belvedere on a long weekend. Maybe it’s because we know Hanks was trying to get into character to demonstrate his Cloud Atlas accent for host Elizabeth Vargas? “I want people to buy my f—ing…” Hanks growls. No, it’s because T. Hanks claps his hand over his mouth and bugs his eyes like a scandalized seven-year-old when he realizes his blunder. Don’t worry, Tom! We’ve heard (and seen) worse on-air celebrity gaffes. 10 of them, to be precise!

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Style Wars: Kathie Lee Vs. Kathy G.

It’s TV personality against TV personality, Kathie vs. Kathy. Both Kathie Lee Gifford and Kathy Griffin attended our Divas show and were visions in white. We’re actually impressed on a regular basis with how well-styled Kathy Griffin has become and we think this look is great on her. Kathie Lee looks about par for the course – dressing for the occasion in a getup our mom would like. Both are missing their best accessories, though: Kathie Lee needs more Hoda and Kathy needs assistants Tom and Tiffany to round things out. [Photos: Getty Images]

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