Stars Try To Stay Warm At From Paris With Love Premiere

Last night was a cold one in New York, and it seemed like the bigger the star attending Thursday’s From Paris With Love, the less they were willing to hide it. Star John Travolta and guest Hugh Jackman both posed on the red carpet from under winter coats, while starlets shivered in wait to show off designer dresses (co-star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers split the different in a suit). Among the other guests were Ice-T, Coco, James Lipton, Hairspray‘s Nikki Blonsky and—in the coolest pairing of the night—John Waters and his former Serial Mom, Kathleen Turner. Hey, when’s the musical adaptation of that coming out?

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TMI Alert: Michael Douglas Loves Viagra


Admittedly, we love Michael Douglas more than your average person might, due to the fact that Romancing the Stone and Fatal Attraction are two of our most favorite movies, but there are some things better left unknown when it comes to your favorite celebs. Douglas, for instance, would like the world to know that in order to keep Catherine Zeta-Jones happy, he takes boner pills. He explained their sexy times in AARP Magazine, saying “God bless her that she likes older guys. And some wonderful enhancements have happened in the last few years—Viagra, Cialis—that can make us all feel younger.” Wait, where are you going, fond memories of buff, hot Michael Douglas toting a rifle around the Columbian jungle with Kathleen Turner? Come back! And…they’re gone. See what you did, Michael? You’ve ruined your former self for us.

So you see, celebrities, perhaps it’s better not to give the tell-all interview you assume everyone wants to read, because sometimes your fans don’t want to think about you and your erection that might last up to four-hours. Swear to God, if any celebrity out there decides to come clean about their weak stream, we’re quitting this business. [Photo: Getty Images]


Katharine McPhee: American Movie Star?

Katharine McPhee, who started filming You May Not Kiss The Bride in Hawaii yesterday, is trying to buck the trend of former American Idol contestants bombing at the box office — minus Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, of course. A romcom adventure set in Chicago and Tahiti, McPhee co-stars with TV actor Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters).

The movie, say its producers, is similar to the ’80s blockbuster hit Romancing the Stone in its “blending of romance, sharp witted humor and on the edge of your seat action.” We think this comparison is a bit lofty. Dave Annable and Katharine McPhee are no Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner — at least, not yet. Plus, writer/director Rob Hedden is behind nothing but bombs. Remember 2007’s The Condemned and Friday the 13th Part VIII?

Still, McPhee, who made a cameo appearance in Ugly Betty and scored a minor role The House Bunny, appears to shine on the set with her wholesome beauty and sweet smile. We could get used to watching her on the big screen. Let’s hope this movie doesn’t go the way of From Justin to Kelly.

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