Style Expert Lindsay Albanese Wants to Make A-List Fashion More Relatable

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When it comes to putting together some of the most iconic looks, where would our favorite stars be without their stylists on-hand 24/7? Style expert Lindsay Albanese has been in the business for over 13 years, and has done it all: magazine spreads, last minute fashion runs — even a Britney Spears music video! Read more…

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Kathy Griffin, David Letterman Continue The Undoing Of Anderson Cooper’s Newsman Rep

Back in 2012, when Anderson Cooper came out of the closet in a public letter to Andrew Sullivan, he said his reason for not announcing his sexuality earlier was that as a journalist, he never felt like he should be the news himself. Yeah, that ship sailed years ago, but this week, we may have witnessed the final death knell to the CNN anchor’s rep as a serious news man. It’s hard to imagine world leaders or war lords sitting down for interviews with the man whose “sardine” Kathy Griffin pretended to kiss on New Year’s Eve. Not that it’s entirely his fault Griffin made the silly attempt to simulate oral sex on live TV. But Cooper hadn’t helped matters, what with his failed daytime talk show, occasional on-air giggle fits and, yeah, agreeing to host CNN’s NYE coverage with Griffin once again. Of course, the comedian is clearly loving the attention the stunt garnered her, as she showed on last night’s Late Show With David Letterman.

“If you think this is the part where I’m going to apologize for trying to go down on Anderson Cooper, you are sorely mistaken,” Griffin told Letterman. “I tried, ladies and gays, I tried for you.”
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Kathy Griffin Rings In 2013 By Pretending To Give Oral Sex To Anderson Cooper On Live TV

Anderson Cooper needs to learn that when you hire Kathy Griffin, you get what you pay for! In 2009 the edgy funny lady dropped the F-bomb during CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage, and last year she stripped down to her underwear on-air while a confused and seriously stressed-out Cooper looked on. Despite the press backlash, the powers that be invited Kathy back for this year’s live celebration in Times Square, and she did not disappoint. The ball wasn’t the only thing that dropped at midnight, as Griffin pretended to give oral sex to her co-host Cooper! Yes, cries of “Happy New Year!” were mixed pretty heavily with shouts of “Wait, WTF?!” at our house.

It started early on in the night when Kathy told Cooper, “I’m going to tickle your sack.” This understandably unnerved Cooper, who probably wouldn’t want his sack tickled by Kathy in the best of occasions, let alone during a live TV broadcast in the middle of a crowded and freezing Times Square. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have no sack of gifts here,” he said trying to defuse the situation. “A sack of Christmas presents. I did not bring a sack of Christmas presents.”

Things got much worse around midnight, after the network cut away from a report in Maine, where locals traditionally kiss a sardine sculpture on New Year’s. Without missing a beat, Griffin was seen down around Anderson’s crotch area, prompting him to ask if she dropped something. “No, I was kissing your sardine,” she confirmed. The veteran newscaster pulled the comedienne to her feet as she insisted, “You know you want to.” Anderson answered with an uncharacteristically icy “Believe me, I really don’t.” Watch the whole uncomfortable incident in the video above!

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Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean Is Married!

The teenager within us is having a fit right about now. Our crush from the Backstreet Boys, from way back when, A.J. McLean got married to his very pretty longtime girlfriend Rochelle Kandis on Saturday night. The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel and celebrity guests in attendance were his Backstreet bandmates, Kevin RichardsonHowie Dorough and Nick CarterKathy Griffin and New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre. Which is like a late ’80′s-’90′s smorgasbord of boyband goodness. A.J and Rochelle have been engaged for two years, every since the singer proposed at one of his shows. Congratulations, guys!

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Will We See Lady Gaga, Other Star Cameos In The Muppets DVD Extras?

After years of rumors and vague responses about Lady Gaga‘s appearance in The Muppets, the cameo sadly wound up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints. reports that it involved Gaga and her entourage — Ed Helms, John Krasinski and possibly Eric Stonestreet — in a showdown with Miss Piggy. And they may or may not have done a version of Madonna‘s “Vogue.” We fail to see how ANY OTHER plot point could have been more important than this. But we are still crossing our fingers that this makes it to the DVD extras.

Moviehole has a whole list of cameos cut from the original script. Elmo, Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, Rachael Ray, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Christian Bale, Kathy Griffin, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and George Clooney were all on the wish list. Of course, many of those stars happen to be very busy and couldn’t squeeze a Muppet shoot into their schedules (Elmo). But a couple of other big names shot scenes that we’re hoping to see one day: Jason Segel‘s Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star Mila Kunis and Ben Stiller.

Given the movie’s strong performance at the box office over the holiday weekend (natch, it couldn’t beat Breaking Dawn Part 1, but it was a respectable second place), maybe some of those clever cameos will make it into another Muppets movie?

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Happy Spirit Day! Our Favorite Celeb Tweets Against LGBT Bullying

Lots of us are wearing purple today, supporting Spirit Day, which started last year in response to the horrifying spate of LGBT teen suicides linked to bullying. But even if the color didn’t fit in your wardrobe, the wonders of social networking have made it possible to turn your profile pic purple, and we think that counts too. Of course, as with any cause, some of our fave celebs are lending their 140 characters to the effort. Here are some of the best so far:

“Glaad Spirit Day! I support LBGT youth against bullies! Put up your forcefields and don’t let anyone take your energy!!” — Adam Lambert

“You all better be wearing your purple skinny jeans tom for #SpiritDay – I know I will @MTVact.” — Vinny Guadagnino

“Tink! …trying to figure out how to make my avi purple….hmnn…” — Jordan Knight
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Anderson Cooper And Kathy Griffin Get Chummy For His New Show

Anderson Cooper’s new daily one-hour daytime talk show Anderson is premiering September 12. And we’re totally excited to watch it especially because he’s interviewing Daniel Radcliffe and Snooki on the 13th! Anderson’s backstage blog has been giving us the dope on what to expect, including this promo photograph of him holding hands with a bikini-clad Kathy Griffin! What’s this business then? The blog says Kathy is a house guest and the segment is called “Summer’s Best with Kathy Griffin, Snooki & Daniel Radcliffe”. Are you going to tune in to watch? We will. There’s an Oprah sized void in our hearts that we have to fill with something!

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