Kathy Ireland Defends Her Red Carpet Wreckage On Twitter

Don’t think you can call Kathy Ireland a druggy robot and get away with it. The former model and current entrepreneur has been responding to criticisms of her pre-Oscar red carpet interviews on Twitter, whether or not they were directed to her account. Here are some of our favorite polite retorts from the Necessary Roughness star (typos hers).

Laughed @ being hot topic on twitter 2night. So many mis understood that the J.O.Y. was being invited 2 co host. Grateful to all. Thank You!…Some say I looked pregnant.LOL! Not true…others say I was drinking…would LOL if it were not so sad. Just excited 2 be involved. Grateful…not nervous..just having fun. Next time, pls hit your remote control. LOL!…No Red Bull or chemicals…just J.O.Y.! Better luck for you next time…Angel if you think my host was bumby–don’t watch my modeling from the last century—My best work? design…lOVE YOU aNGEL AND AM GOING TO ENJOY THE bALL LIKE cINDERELLLA…OMGoodness Angel, Hate is s harsh—could we settle on really, really disliked? Do we want 2 teach other 2 hate?

It should be noted that none of these responses were directed towards a person named Angel; she just uses it the way others use “dude.” Explaining why she felt the need to personally acknowledge the hatorade, she tweeted “When you build a company like ours, you reply to all—good, bad and everything. Its just respectful. Thanks.” Do you think Kathy did OK or should she go back to wherever she’s been for the last decade? Let us know in our TheFABlife poll.

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