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Will Beasts Of The Southern Wild‘s Quvenzhane Wallis Join These Past Child Oscar Nominees?

Beasts Of The Southern Wild's Quvenzhane Wallis Rumored For Oscar Noms

You know what the Academy Awards have been missing recently? Adorableness. That all might change if Beasts of The Southern Wild actress Quvenzhane Wallis gets nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. According to Hit Fix (as well as anyone who actually saw Beasts Of The Southern Wild) 9-year-old Wallis’ turn as the protagonist Hushpuppy could make her the youngest actress to win that particular award. Which got us thinking about all the child nominees and winners that came before. Why can’t the Oscars be entirely child actors and actresses? Ratings would go through the roof! Someone make a call to Bruce Vilanch, and in the meantime we’ll look back at kid nominees from Jodie Foster to Haley Joel Osment to Shirley Temple.

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A Look Back At Who’s Legal: 10 Stars Who Turned 18 In ’08

With hot young stars getting younger and younger, it’s worth knowing which ones you can be attracted to without committing a mental felony. While Miley Cyrus is still off-limits, Vanessa Hudgens is fair game. Fantasize about the Michael Cera of Superbad all you want, but crush on the guy circa Arrested Development and we’re going to have to call Dateline NBC. To help your imagination stay more Woody Allen than Roman Polanski, here’s the names of ten young stars who lost their jailbait status in 2008. Only one more year, Jamie Lynn Spears fans!

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