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From Amanda Bynes’ Mugshot To Kenan Thompson On SNL: An All That Nostalgia Check

The cast of All That then and now

Back when Saturday Night Live was wayyyy past our bedtime, the folks at Nickelodeon brought us All That to help with our burgeoning sketch comedy addictions. “Finally!” thought our 7 year-old selves. “A show that’s filled with kids my age, and it’s actually funny.” It was so cool to watch the crew carry a whole television series on their own. Hey, they were just like us! Except massively talented…But we didn’t know that then, and watching the youth-dominated cast made us feel like kids could do anything. This was a rare feeling during a time when we were lucky to put our pants on correctly.

Plus it was fun! The gang always looked like they were having the time of their lives as they performed bits that became comedy classics to us millennials. How could we have blossomed into functional adults without Lori Beth Denberg’s Vital Information? Who hasn’t wanted to be saved by Kel Mitchell‘s Repair Man Man? No matter how big he gets on SNL today, nothing Kenan Thompson ever does will ever approach the brilliance of Pierre Escargot. We’ve forgiven Josh Server for being so devilishly handsome that all the girls in our 2nd grade class had crushes on him. And no matter how much road-related insanity Amanda Bynes gets up to, we’ll never stop loving her for giving us Ask Ashley. Yes, we know it’s a bummer to see her this way, but head down to the gallery below to check in with the rest of the All That cast and see how they’re doing!

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Nickelodeon Teen Stars of the 90s: Then And Now

Nickelodeon was a platform for quite a few young stars to get their start in the world of acting back in the 1990’s. We can admit to watching some of these old shows, and we’re kind of excited to hear that NickTeen is planning to bring back some of our favorites like Clarissa Explains It All, All That, Kenan and Kel, and The Adventures Of Pete And Pete starting this fall. (We’re really hoping that The Secret World Of Alex Mack makes a comeback, too!)

That made us think about just how many stars these shows produced—sure, Melissa Joan Hart and Kenan Thompson are still alive and kicking, but who else came out of these shows and where are they now? Check out our gallery to see what became of these tween stars of yesteryear.

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