Kelly Cutrone Will Sue You, Intern

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after watching The Hills for all these years, it’s that you never cross Kelly Cutrone. She may be a bit player on the show, but what she lacks in airtime she more than makes up for in scary intimidation and fire-breathing. So obviously, we love her. But really, even though we’ll probably never cross paths with her, we know that she’s not someone to be trifled with, but some poor intern of hers didn’t get that memo.

Cutrone spoke to New York magazine this week and told a story about how one of her summer interns at People’s Revolution actually wrote about Cutrone in her blog. Cutrone separated the facts from fiction though, stating “The only true part [of the blog] is that I fell down in my patent-leather Prada boots in L.A. The other things weren’t true, like that they had to hide food from me in the office.” Oh, intern. What were you thinking? Surely you had to know this was a bad idea.

Try as we might, we searched for the blog but didn’t find it. This probably has to do with what Cutrone said to the poor kid upon her firing. “I told her I’m going to sue the fuck out of your family if you don’t take it down immediately and your college tuition is going to seem like a pittance after you face my wrath,” she said. And you thought Stephanie Pratt had it rough when she got fired. Source: New York; Photo: Getty Images]

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Designer Freaks Over Ashley Dupre’s Front Row Seat At Fashion Show

Ashley Dupre may not be sexing up any elected officials, but she’s still causing drama here in New York City. The hooker-turned, uh, famous ex-hooker somehow landed in the front row of designer Yigal Azrouël‘s Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show this week. When Azrouël (don’t fret -we have never heard of him either) discovered the skank in her seat, he flipped and fired his PR person who placed her there. Turns out that PR flack is none other than Kelly Cutrone of People’s Revolution, best known as Whitney’s bitchy boss on The Hills.

Apparently the sex-selling singer and the PR flack know each other, admits Kelly. “I didn’t invite her, but I wasn’t going to kick her out or turn her away,” she revealed. We know one another, we’re friends.”

Cutrone also insisted that the publicity would have been warmly received by other designers. “If Ashley had shown up at Marc Jacobs’ show he would have been a hero,” she said. “It would have been cutting-edge — but Yigal and she weren’t the best fit.”  [NYDN/ NYP. Photo: Splash News Online]