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The Most Ridiculous Sequel Names In Movie History

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As Think Like A Man Too continues to rake in money at the box office, we have to ask: Is the sequel to the ensemble film based on Steve Harvey‘s self-help book succeeding because of its commentary on gender and relationships, or its terribly unclever title? When big movies warrant a continuation, the temptation to go for the pun becomes way too real. Puns are fun! People like to laugh! As much as slapping a number on the end of each spin-off can feel like the easy way out, it’s also the least embarrassing way to go.

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About Last Night‘s Kevin Hart + Regina Hall Win Hottest Couple Title

The hilarious romantic comedy, About Last Night starring Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant hits theaters today. Last week we asked you to vote and decide which of these two pairs, Kevin and Regina or Michael and Joy should be crowned hottest couple and the results are in…Kevin and Regina take the trophy for the film’s hottest twosome. To celebrate this moment, we bring you a very special Valentine’s Day message from the winning couple.

Keep reading to see more Valentine’s Day messages from the cast.

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Kevin Hart Teaches You How To Sext

Do you want to sext that special someone but don’t quite know what to say? Maybe you dream of sending a naked pic or two but get scared? Well never fear – Kevin Hart is here to show us all the X-rated ropes. Hart’s character in About Last Night is all about penis pics and XXX messages, so we asked him and co-star Regina Hall to teach us how to throw down the sexy talk. Watch and learn, students. (And go see About Last Night – it’s hilarious and in theaters on Valentine’s Day!)

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[VOTE] Who Is The Hotter Couple?: About Last Night Edition

This Valentine’s Day, the hilarious Kevin Hart is teaming up with Regina Hall, Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant. The foursome is joining forces and starring in the romantic comedy, About Last Night which features two couples and explores their contrasting views on relationships.

The film hits theaters on February 14, but leading up to the premiere we want you to rally and decide which of these two couples, Kevin and Regina or Michael and Joy are the hottest couple. Vote for your favorite twosome on Twitter using the hashtags #KevinAndRegina or #MichaelAndJoy to trigger the love meter. Your votes will not only pick the hottest couple, but every time you vote you’ll also be entered for a chance to win a film inspired trip to LA.

On Valentine’s Day we’ll reveal who takes the trophy for hottest couple and release a special greeting from the winning couple.

Go to ALN.VH1.COM and watch the battle unfold!

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Ride Along Exclusive: Ice Cube Says There’s No Place For Kevin Hart In N.W.A

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are the perfect odd couple in Ride Along, which follows a bumbling wannabe police officer/gamer as he hangs with his girlfriend’s protective cop brother for a day to prove he’s worthy of her hand in marriage. Hilarity ensues (duh) and most of it stems from the on-screen chemistry of Hart and Cube, whom we should thank (along with the women of The Heat) for bringing back the buddy action-comedy in full force.
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Ride Along’s Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Pick Up A Pair Of Unusual Criminals

“This ain’t the prom limo, they going to jail,” Ice Cube’s James Payton tells Kevin Hart’s Ben Barber. Well, you could have fooled Best Week Ever’s Michelle Buteau and Girl Code’s Carly Aquilino as they partied it up in the back of the Ride Along squad car. Strangely, this is not an actual scene from the movie, which opens in theaters this Friday, January 17. If you ask us, these ladies should have cameos in ALL of the movies. But enjoy their brief moment of cinematic history right here, then head over to the VH1 Tumblr for behind-the-scenes photos of the girls’ high jinks on the set.