by (@hallekiefer)

Kevin Sorbo Says Multiple Strokes “A Gift”

It takes a strong man to look on three strokes as a “gift.” And not just a physically-strong man like former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo, but an emotionally-strong man like…well, actually, like Kevin Sorbo. As the action star explains in his new book True Strength, “It certainly hurt my career, which I wasn’t happy about, but with God I finally got to a point where I was told by a couple of people that I had to look at it as a gift. It was hard for me to do. It didn’t kill me. It certainly made me stronger. It pushed me to become a bigger and stronger man — physically and mentally.” And if strokes can make someone bigger and stronger than Kevin Sorbo was in 1997, then the U.S. government needs to harness it before the terrorists get to it.

Despite his lengthy recovery process, Sorbo also credits his illness with helping win over his now-wife Sam Jenkins. “Actually, she said if I hadn’t had the strokes, she doubted we would have stayed together,” he explains. “Because of my life — my work and the craziness involved.” Well, we guess the moral of the story is, strokes aren’t that bad, provided you are exactly like Kevin Sorbo. And let’s be honest: none of us are like Kevin Sorbo.