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Non-Twilight Film Roles That Will Restore Your Faith in Kristen Stewart


With Camp X-Ray hitting theaters this weekend, Kristen Stewart is finally exploring life beyond Twilight. The indie drama, which tells the story of one soldier stationed at Guantanamo Bay detention camp, is a far cry from Bella and the world of vampires Stewart became so famous for over the past five years. During that time, Stewart became pigeonholed and often hated on for her participation in The Twilight Saga. And for those who only know those films are doing themselves a disservice. Her latest film — the first of three high profile films she has coming out this year — has earned the actress accolades on the festival circuit and reminded many of the promise she showed in roles, such as Sarah Altman in Panic Room or Emily in Adventureland. It’s those films that fans (and the haters) should watch if they want to restore their faith in Stewart.

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Cringeworthy Casting: 10 Awkward Celebrity Audition Stories

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Despite their talent, many of Hollywood’s actors have had at least one odd encounter with a casting director. Auditions can range from being mildly tense to being downright brutal, and some of our favorite stars have the battle wounds to prove it. So who has uncomfortable tales of auditions that have gone awry?

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