Celebs Migrate For The Holidays

There’s a certain kind of celebrity that flies from its native habitat of New York, Los Angeles or London to breed, bath in warm ocean waters or forage for food and drink along remote tropical beaches. A newly reunited Jude Law and Sienna Miller fall into this category. The on-off-on couple spent the holidays in the Caribbean, as did Rihanna and Marc Jacobs (not together, of course). On the Pacific side, there have been two very rare spottings in Hawaii: Pierce Brosnan with his wife and a shirtless Jeremy Piven.

A different breed has been spotted playing in colder climates this holiday season, including Katy Perry and Russell Brand, now engaged after a pre-Christmas London rendezvous of shopping, sledding and most likely sessions of baby-making practice. But Aspen is the real hot gathering spot in the snow this year, with sightings of Mariah Carey, Antonio Banderas, Paris Hilton and Leann Rimes. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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