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Where You Can Find Friday Night Lights Stars In Fall TV And Movies

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Friday Night Lights may have closed the door on Eric and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton), but thanks to Netflix, complete DVD packages, and obsessive Tumblrs, new audiences are being introduced to the world of Texas football every day. And with a slew of big-time roles in the coming months, your favorite Dillon residents will never be that far away.

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Friday Night Lights‘ Peter Berg To Mitt Romney: “Come Up With Your Own Slogan”

The more we think about this story, the more we’d really like to live in a world where Eric and Tami Taylor could run for president (not sure which should be POTUS and which should be VP; maybe they could alternate?). But right now, we live in this world, a world in which Mitt Romney decided to co-opt the beautiful Dillon Panthers’ mantra from Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” That was pretty brilliant, actually. Just typing those words lifts my heart. Here’s a clip of Mitt using the phrase:
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Kyle Chandler Vs. George Clooney: Which Dashing On-Screen Dad Is This Week’s Hotness?

I’m gearing up to cover the SAG Awards red carpet this Sunday, and couldn’t help but oogle over a couple of the nominees. Hunky, handsome with a little bit of grey in their hair, both Kyle Chandler and George Clooney are masters at playing sensitive, sexy dads on their respective screens. Chandler is nominated in the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights, aka everyone’s favorite show to tweet about. The Cloonster (Can I call you that, George?) is up for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role for his work in the ukelele-heavy tearjerker The Descendants. 

My dream of being sandwiched in Cloonster-Coach Taylor group hug may become a reality this Sunday night (Secreting it now), but only one of these fine, fictional fathers can be this week’s Hotness. Check out our gallery to help you make your decision, and then vote in our poll. We’ll be keeping it open until Sunday night, so you can check them out in all their tuxedoed glory and then cast your vote (And vote again. And again. And again). The SAG Awards air on TBS and TNT at 8PM EST – we’ll be watching, blogging and tweeting the show live. Hang with us, won’t ya?

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10 Emmy Winners Looking Like They Just Stole An Emmy

Despite being up against super talented and perhaps just-as-worthy candidates in their respective categories at the Emmy Awards tonight, each of the winners pictured below won fair and square (to the best of our potentially naive knowledge). And yet, when photographed in the press room with their just-nabbed golden trophy, Melissa McCarthy, Peter Dinklage, Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen (among others) rocked faces of guilt, sneakiness, and paranoia.
What gives, Emmy champs?! Nobody’s gonna still your hardware! See nine very suspicious actors below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Watch a full recap of the show after the jump.

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Casting The Mortal Instruments: Who Should Land The Leads?

The fourth book in The Mortal Instruments franchise, City of Fallen Angels, dropped yesterday (Do books drop? Is that a thing?), making this the perfect week to begin obsessing over who to cast in the film version of the popular series. Lily Collins is already set as Clary, the books’ redheaded heroine, and Alex Pettyfer is clearly the fan favorite to place Jace, Clary’s – *SPOILER ALERT* – brother/love interest/hot angel dude/not really her brother. Yes, for those of you who are new to the franchise, you read that right – brother AND love interest. It’s even weirder than the Jacob-Renesmee creepfest in Breaking Dawn!

So let’s have it, Mortal Instruments fans. We want to know who you envision in these parts. We’ve put our initial picks in the gallery below, but we’re easily swayed and enjoy spending hours pondering these things. We’ll collect your favorites and roll out some polls in the coming weeks. Until then, let’s start casting!

  • Jace: Alex Pettyfer, Hunter Parrish
  • Simon: Logan Lerman, Mike Bailey
  • Isabelle: Kaya Scodelario
  • Alex: Nick Hoult
  • Luke: Kyle Chandler
  • Valentine: Christoph Waltz
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