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Claire Danes, January Jones And More Of Our Fave TV Actresses Class Up The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter Cover, TV actresses

This is quite a cover. We have Claire Danes, Mireille Enos, January Jones, Julianna Margulies, Emmy Rossum and Kyra Sedgwick looking so incredibly elegant on next month’s The Hollywood Reporter. That’s HomelandThe Killing, Mad Men, The Good WifeShameless and The Closer repped respectively. Talk about your power television sextet. We know these lovely ladies all do films as well, but the TV angle is the one that smacks you in the face. The interview — or round table discussion — has everything from Jones discussing “Fat Betty” to Rossum talking nude scenes to Enos talking about kissing Brad Pitt. That last bit especially caught our attention, with the actress admitting, “Is it wrong to admit that having to kiss Brad Pitt was very, very terrifying? It was on World War Z, which I shot last summer and it was the second day of shooting.” We’d take her place anytime.

We actually laughed out loud at January’s description of the moment she first saw the heavier version of her Mad Men character onscreen. “I saw it on the air, paused it and went screaming into the other room,” she jokes. And where else are you going to get Emmy saying, with regard to her nude scenes, “But originally, when they made the contract it was like, “You will show partial side boob, you will show two cheeks …” Julianna chimed in with, “Those contracts are always so funny.” Read the full interview here to get your fix, because it gets much funnier.

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Rihanna, Tom Felton Join The Wave Of Holiday Beach Vacays

Given that our first instinct is to slather them with SPF 75 and follow them around with a golf umbrella, it’s probably better that we’re just catching a glimpse of all these celebrity beach vacations, rather than actually being on those trips ourselves. Off the coast of Maui, Ben Stiller opted for paddle boarding this week, while Brooke Burns swam and Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon canoed off the same island. Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs and ex-boyfriend Lorenze Martone lounged on St. Barts, Cuba Gooding Jr. laughed with friends poolside, Tom Felton partied in Miami and Rihanna tweeted her fans from Barbados. Seeing how happy they all are, we guess we can temporarily ignore the potential for celebrity sunburn. Plus, think about how much vitamin D they’re getting right now! So, so much!

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The 20 Best Dressed At The Emmys: From Snoozeville To Sizzletown


Now that we’ve sent ourselves to the slaughter by placing Betty White on our worst dressed list, let’s save face by reviewing the success stories of tonight’s Primetime Emmy Awards. The cast of Glee hit high notes with Lea Michele aiming for full-on drama in an Oscar de la Renta, Jane Lynch in a regal Ali Rahimi, and Heather Morris taking us all by surprise in Ina Soltani. Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss emerged from the shadow of her often more glamorous castmates in Donna Karan. Big winner of the night Claire Danes was flawless, while Kim Kardashian was white hot in a Grecian Marchesa.

While all fabulous, the Top 20 Best Dressed induced everything from quiet snores to sweaty palms. See how your favorite boob tube stars ranked below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Don’t Even Think About It, Zach Braff

Zach Braff & Emmy Rossum

Even before we animated the eyebrows, there was just something off about this photo of Zach Braff and Emmy Rossum chilling at the Darker Side Of Climate Change Debate event in NYC. Not that we could blame Braff for making a move on the Phantom Of The Opera star if the opportunity arose—anyone who’d date Counting Crow Adam Duritz in the last year is obviously fair game for a sensitive Scrub like him. Among the stars with better things to do than “ooh” at completely innocent celebrity candids were Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rev Run, Kevin Bacon and Sarah Silverman, who moderated a debate on the very serious matter (climate change, not whether Zach Braff was looking for action). See photos from the event in the gallery below.

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