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How TMZ Owned 2014 and Became a Reputable Source for Celebrity News

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Without a doubt, 2014 was TMZ‘s year. The former celebrity rag has been working hard to become a reputable source of news, and has stepped up its game to provide some of the year’s most thoroughly reported celebrity stories. Read more…

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Lady Gaga’s Visit With Julian Assange: Just Her Latest Effort To Keep Us Guessing

Lady Gaga and Julian Assange

We admit it, we have no idea whether or not to side with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange — on the one hand, he is a renegade fighter for free speech; on the other, he’s released a lot of documents that some say have compromised national security; on the other, other hand, he’s been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition on rape and assault charges. But interestingly, the Australian hacker now has a couple of high-profile supporters: M.I.A. and Lady Gaga, Atlantic Wire points out. The former tweeted at Gaga on Sunday:

MIA tweets Gaga

And apparently, Gaga took her up on the invitation, donning a very witchy getup and snapping the above photo with Assange. It’s interesting to see the Mother Monster take a stand on something like this, straying from her usual messages about bullying and gay rights. But you may recall she has an indirect connection to WikiLeaks — U.S. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning reportedly used CD-Rs labeled “Lady Gaga” to download the classified diplomatic cables he handed over to the site.


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Lady Gaga Celebrates 25 Million Twitter Followers, Here Are The 25 Best Reasons To Follow Her

Lady Gaga reaches 25 million twitter followers

Mother Monster has a new title: Twitter Queen! Lady Gaga has busted social media records today by earning her 25 millionth follower on Twitter, making her the most followed person in the entire world. Her closest competition comes from Justin Bieber, who trails by more than 2.5 million. “#25milliontweetymonsters wow! I’m officially feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today,” the music megastar tweeted this morning.

But hang on a second. There are 7 billion people in the world. What the hell are the rest of you 6.75 billion doing!? Join Twitter and follow her! Need a reason? OK, you asked for it! We’ve assembled the 25 best things we’ve learned about the pop goddess since following her on Twitter. Check ‘em out in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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The FABlife Bikini Awards: Bikini Badasses

(It’s that time of year again! Welcome to TheFABlife Bikini Awards, where we pit half-naked celebs against each other and you vote for the finest skin-flaunter of the summer of 2011.)

Voting is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Ahhh, the badasses. You know them — the cool girls, the ones with edge, who leave your mouth open in awe every time they walk by. They’re the ones who don’t give an eff what you think about them, and that’s what makes them so damn cool. Even better, they look totally hot when showing off a little skin. But who will take home the gold — Lady Gaga, Michelle Rodriguez, Kristen Stewart or Megan Fox?

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Lady Gaga Preaches About Her “Pop Culture Church” In The Guardian

We aren’t saying Lady Gaga thinks she’s the new pop culture Messiah; we’re just saying if Jesus returns this Saturday like we’ve been hearing he will, he might be put out by how much the “Hair” singer is biting his steez. In her interview with The Guardian, Lady Gaga’s religious controversy only gets more fuel for the fire; in fact, the singer even describes Lady Gaga concerts as “pop cultural church,” explaining “I never intended for the Monster Ball to be a religious experience, it just became one.” We’ve heard this story before. Actually, some people call it the greatest story ever told!

Seeing as how Gaga’s “Judas” single was given to her by God and/or the ghost of Alexander McQueen, it makes sense that she’d be in tune with her spiritual side.” Don’t say I hate institutionalised religion,” Gaga tells the reporter. “Rather than saying I hate those things, which I do not, what I’m saying is that perhaps there is a way of opening more doors, rather than closing so many.” Though later Gaga adds, “I felt, and I still feel, that I was sent to this planet from my planet, Planet Goat, to create a ruckus.” So….Jesus’ reputation as the #1 divo is probably safe for now.

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Lady Gaga Channels Fashion Cerberus On Cover Of V

You know who doesn’t get enough love from the world of haute couture? Cerberus, the three-headed hound that guards the gates of Hades in Greek mythology. Lucky Lady Gaga’s V Magazine cover is finally giving credit where credit is due. Mother Monster not only fronts the magazine’s new Asian issue, she also writes her own article on fashion, in which she claims: “I myself can look at almost any hemline, silhouette, beadwork or heel architecture and tell you very precisely who designed it first, what French painter they stole it from, how many designers reinvented it after them and what cultural and musical movement parented the birth, death and resurrection of that particular trend.” If anyone throughout all of history has ever used a tri-headed dog as part of their Asian-inspired look, then we really need to stop shopping at Target and pay attention.

Of course, if an homage to the legendary hound isn’t enough to get your fashion motor running (running so hard and so fast away from the V photo shoot), you can also turn to Lady Gaga’s penis shoes for inspiration. Gaga’s American Idol appearance was intended to inspire the final contestants to greatness, but the Lucite phalluses she wore on her boots might also birth a whole generation of wiener shoes. We’re sure all of the hell beasts would be pleased.

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Lady Gaga Gets A Birthday Surprise On Stage

Lady Gaga turned 25 yesterday, and in true Gaga fashion she celebrated her first quarter-century on stage, in front of thousands of people, covered in fake blood. Gaga’s backup dancers surprised her with a birthday cake (which also looked like it was covered in fake blood) at the end of her show last night. Gaga followed the performance, which was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, with a night of drinking and tacos at La Cita restaurant where she partied with Adam Lambert, Kate Hudson, and her boyfriend, Luc Carl.

For a few more pics of her on-stage birthday serenade, check out our Lady GaGallery below.

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Malaysia Not A Fan Of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Lyrics Promoting LGBT Acceptance

It’s one thing to ban song lyrics because it they’re offensive, but it’s another to ban something because it promotes tolerance and acceptance, which is what Malaysia is doing to Lady Gaga. Gaga’s song “Born This Way” features the lyrics “No matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgendered life, I’m on the right track, baby,” which broadcasters in Malaysia have decided to garble on the air because the government there forbids “offensive content.” Yes, playing songs about accepting those people with a lifestyle different to your own is considered offensive and can be illegal in Malaysia. Hey, America, can the left and the right get on the same page for once and applaud the fact that, regardless of your stance on the issue, at least that doesn’t happen here?

AMP Radio Networks in Malaysia said in a statement that “The particular lyrics in ‘Born This Way’ may be considered as offensive when viewed against Malaysia’s social and religious observances, ” and that “The issue of being gay, lesbian or (bisexual) is still considered as a ‘taboo’ by general Malaysians,” hence the precautionary measure. Gay rights activists in the country criticized the move for “perpetuating ignorance and hate,” and we’re just waiting to see how Gaga herself responds. Given her pro-LGBT track record, she can’t be thrilled.

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