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Lark Voorhies Scares Us Even More As She Denies “Comical” Bipolar Story

Things just got even more uncomfortable in the field of Lark Voorhies studies, wherein we examine what is going on in the Saved by the Bell star’s life that would move her to wear crazy makeup and inspire her mother to go to People with a story about her daughter’s bipolar disorder. A TMZ videographer caught up with Lark and a friend earlier this week to get her opinion on the People story. While she again denied her mother’s statement, her response has us even more worried than before. It’s quite like she’s being fed words through an earpiece from her publicist, her guru and her lawyer, who are talking over her so she can’t make out what they’re saying. Here’s everything she said:

The camera guy asks if she minds him asking about the story. “I don’t supposed not. Not at all,” she says, already confusing us with her multiple negatives.

So, what does she think of the story? “Well I think it quite uh comical. Well… [Long pause] I’ll put it to you like this, Outside contract, everything is funny. So, beautiful pictures though, don’t you think?”
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Whether Or Not Lark Voorhies Is Bipolar, Her Mom Probably Shouldn’t Be Talking To People About It

Lark Voorhies' Mother Says Actress Has Bipolar

We thought it was embarrassing when Lark Voorhies appeared in a Yahoo video sporting makeup that appeared to have been drawn on by a toddler, but having her mom talk to People about whether or not she’s mentally ill probably takes the cake. “I care deeply about my daughter and I want her to resume her life,” Tricia Voorhies told the magazine about the Saved By The Bell star, asserting that the actress has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Lark herself, however, denies being ill and calls her mother “over-loving.” First of all, this whole situation puts the reader in the awkward position of having to negotiate what is or is not true about someone’s mental health. And to do that based solely on an issue of People magazine? Shoot. Second of all, if Lark does in fact have bipolar, talking about it with a magazine seems like one of the least helpful ways to address it would be. And then what if she isn’t bipolar at all? There is no scenario where talking with the general public about your daughter’s unrecognized mental illness is a great idea!

On the other hand, People itself admits that the Saved By The Bell star had difficulty getting through an interview. Writer Elaine Aradillas reveals that Voorhies would “frequently stop mid-sentence and stare off, often mumbling to herself or to others who weren’t there. ” According to Lark, her distraction had a benign cause. “I have a strong spiritual sense,” she explained. “You caught me in moments of pray [sic].” We hope that’s the case. Even more so, we hope someone other than the reading public is called upon to assess Lark’s situation.

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New Photo Of Saved By The Bell‘s Lark Voorhies Proves She’s Still The Lisa Turtle We Know And Love

Lark Voorhies Photo Contradicts Terrible Make-Up Photo

We so rarely get to be right about anything, ya’ll. We just want to savor it for a few moments longer. Ahhhhhhhhh! Can you smell that? That’s the sweet, sweet scent of vindication! It’s also the smell of some tragically incompetent make-up artist’s resume going up in flames after Saved By The Bell star Lark Voorhies popped up wearing what can only be described as a gruesome face of clown make-up last week. Fans of the ’90s TV classic  flipped out after spotting a Yahoo interview video featuring a woman who bore a strong resemblance to a Peanuts-style drawing of Lisa Turtle, but we quickly rushed to her defense. We might not know Lark’s life, but we do know a blush and concealer disaster when we see it. We went to middle school, after all.

After setting everyone straight about what specific catastrophe was taking place on Voorhies’ face, we were happy to leave it at that. After AllHipHop posted a recent photo tweeted by the actress’s make-up artist from the set of her upcoming film Jessica’s Journey, however, we wanted to let you know with absolute certainty that we were right. For your benefit, of course! It turns out Lark actually looks like…

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Saved By The Bell‘s Lisa Turtle Falls Into The Hands Of The World’s Most Incompetent Makeup Artist

Lark Voorhies Wearing Horrible Makeup

We’re so excited! We’re so excited! We’re so…utterly confused! Buzzfeed brought our attention to actress Lark Voorhies‘ appearance in a recent Yahoo interview and we are simply horrified by what poorly-applied makeup can do to a woman. The bright circles under the eyes! The eyebrows drawn on with a washable marker! The blush. Oh god, the blush! If we had seen Lark about to go on camera with this face full of clown make-up, we would have made sure she was “saved by the bell.” The bell on the fire alarm! Which we would have pulled to cause a distraction in order to get her out of there!

Now, are we claiming Lark hasn’t allegedly had some, um, adjustments in the face area? No…no, we’re not saying that. Nor are we ignoring the fact that *cough* Larkprobablyappliedthatmakeupherself. We’re just saying a professional makeup person should have been called in to deal with this situation. Period. Want to know what Lark looks like when she doesn’t resemble a toddler’s drawing of Lisa Turtle? Check her out in a photo from 2010 after the jump. See what we mean? It’s mostly that blush!

[Photo: NBC/Yahoo]

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