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Since ‘Parenthood’ Is Promising a Big Death in the Final Season, Here’s Who We Want To See Bite the Dust

With the final four episodes of Parenthood beginning tonight, the question on every fan’s mind is: Who is going to die? Up until now, the Bravermans have survived hell and back, with every member of the ever-growing Bay Area family remaining intact. However, creator Jason Katims has previously stated that this last season will explore mortality. And with mortality comes death.
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Parenthood Siblings Dating In Real Life?

Peter Krause & Lauren Graham

Dating between TV siblings—it’s not just for Brady kids anymore! Dexter‘s Michael C. Hall is married to on-screen sis Jennifer CarpenterPenn Badgley is dating Gossip Girl step-sister-formerly-with-benefits Blake Lively, and now Parenthood‘s Peter Krause is reportedly dating co-star Lauren Graham. Though hardly conclusive evidence, a source for Us spotted the pair on a dinner date in California wine country. “They were having a great time and seemed really happy!” Nate Fisher and Lorelai Gilmore an item? This is a match made in early ’00s TV fanfic heaven!

While Parenthood was only just renewed for its second season, Krause and Graham have known each socially since the days of Six Feet Under and Gilmore Girls, appearing on-stage together at the SAG Awards in 2002. Hopefully these two let us know whether some long-simmering chemistry is bubbling up or what; if they don’t, we’re sure some online slash writers will be happy to make up their own stories. See photos of the pair in the gallery below—call us crazy, but we’re getting a vibe. [via Celebitchy]

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Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Lauren Graham Or Judah Friedlander?

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham played herself on an episode of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, a show set behind the scenes at an NBC sketch comedy show. Comedian Judah Friedlander is a cast member on 30 Rock, which is also set behind the scenes at an NBC sketch comedy show. Both entertainers were born on March 16th. Which one is older?

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