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Amy Adams To Play Janis Joplin, Join The Pantheon Of Extremely Random Casting Picks

Amy Adams To Play Janis Joplin

Someone is making their Oscar grab! When we think of Amy Adams, our minds tend to picture cartoon birds, healthy teeth and apple pies, not unkempt hair, bell bottoms and unchecked drug use. According to Hollywood Reporter, however, director Lee Daniels is “in talks” to direct the Enchanted star in Get It While You Can, a film version of the Janis Joplin biopic. We’re not the only ones who think this sounds sort of insane, right? Of course if the film reaches theaters, Amy would join a semi-proud lineage of extremely random casting picks like…

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Nicole Kidman Demanded The Paperboy Director Keep Her Golden Shower Scene

Nicol Kidman Defended Golden Shower Scene In The Paperboy

Not counting every second of The Avengers, we have a sneaking suspicion that Nicole Kidman going number one on Zac Efron is going to be our number one movie moment of the summer. See what we did there? According to the film’s director Lee Daniels, however, he almost chickened out and yanked the Oscar-winners’ (non-sexual) golden shower moment out of fear. “I got nervous at the end, after we shot it,” Daniels told GQ. “Right before I sent it off to Cannes, I called Nicole at three in the morning. I said, ‘Nicole, I can’t do it, I’ve gone too far. I can’t put that scene in the movie.'” Man, if Nicole Kidman had a million dollars for every time a nervous Less Daniels called her in the middle of the night to talk about peeing on Zac Efron…oh, wait a minute, she does!

Luckily for us, Kidman wasn’t about to let a little thing like social decorum or sheer grossness stand in the way of cinematic greatness.  “‘Lee, you made me pee on Zac Efron, ” Kidman allegedly admonished him. “[I]f you don’t put that in the movie, you’re out of your freakin’ mind. I did it! I did it!'” Of course she did! She’s an Academy Award-winning actress! Kidman had better at least win a Golden Globe for this, is all we’re saying. If not for her commitment, then at least for all the puns!

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Nicole Kidman Gives Zac Efron A Golden Shower (Just Like Chandler And Monica!) In The Paperboy

Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman and DAvid Oyelowo in The Paperboy

All of Cannes is abuzz about Nicole Kidman’s amazing performance in Lee DanielsThe Paperboy, which screened earlier today. We were already onboard with the flick after Zac Efron said filming sex scenes with Kidman were “the highlight of my life.” But now that the folks at Vulture have spoiled one key crazy part of the movie (which, they say, is full of crazy), we are both eager and apprehensive. Here’s their description: “Nicole Kidman looms over a supine Zac Efron, cries out, ‘If anyone’s gonna pee on him, it’s gonna be me,’ and then squirts an impressive stream of urine onto the High School Musical star’s face and bare chest.”

Sorry, pervs, it is not a weird sex scene that inspires this golden shower, but a jellyfish attack on Zac. And now, all we can picture is the Friends episode, “The One With the Jellyfish.”

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FABLife’s DVD Pick Of The Week

Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” By Sapphire

Hands up who wants to watch an overweight girl being abused by her father, being abused by her mother, and balancing raising a developmentally challenged baby in ’80s Harlem with learning to read. A fun night’s in store, right? Fortunately, this stirring adaptation of Sapphire’s bestseller is much, much more. The story of the put-upon Precious is harrowing, but not without its lighter moments. Most importantly, Gabourney Sidibe‘s amazing performance provides a revealing look at the kind of spirit required to overcome what look like insurmountable challenges. In addition, there’s also an Oscar-winning Mo’nique–stuffed into a catsuit and scraped free of makeup–playing one of the movie’s most memorable monsters. Check it out: Precious is a feel-bad movie that will actually leave you feeling like there’s some hope still left out there.

Extras: Commentary from Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels, making of featurettes, a deleted scene, Sidibe’s audition reel, and more.

– By C. Bottomley


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Last Night’s Oscar Winners

Jeff Bridges

What’s an award show without silly trivia the morning after? Here are some obscure tidbits about last night’s Oscar winners. And remember, everyone nominated is a winner.

  • Having finally snagged an Oscar after forty years in the industry, Jeff Bridges can now focus on getting a Grammy. The Crazy Heart crooner actually released a reggae-flavored album, Be Here Soon, in 2000. Click here to enjoy “Movin'”—“soon I’ll be touching you…touching the dream!”
  • The majority of Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz‘s film career has been over in Germany, but fans hungry to see him sans subtitles can rent the 2000 straight-to-DVD flop, Ordinary Decent Criminal, an Irish crime drama starring Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell. Waltz plays Dutch art dealer Peter: judging from this clip, we’re not surprised Oscar didn’t notice.
  • Sandra Bullock may have never been near an Oscar before, but she gave her first televised acceptance speech in 1995, when she won Best Female Performance, Most Desirable Female and Best On-Screen Duo with Keanu Reeves for Speed at the MTV Movie Awards. Those guys are always ahead of the curve!

See seven more, including clips of Jeremy Renner‘s stoner comedy debut and Kathryn Bigelow as a sexy cowgirl, after the jump.

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(Some) Stars Skip Super Bowl For Yet Another Award Ceremony

Michael Stuhlberg, Saoirse Ronan, Emily Blunt and Carey Mulligan

While there were tons of celebrities at the Super Bowl this weekend, it’s still trophy season in Hollywood and a handful of stars stayed back Sunday for the 2010 Virtuoso Awards, part of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Among the select few who signed the giant vodka bottle were The Young Victoria‘s Emily Blunt, An Education‘s Carey Mulligan and Saoirse Ronan of The Lovely Bones (awkwardly, of these actresses, only Mulligan is in contending for an Oscar next month). Viral videos aside, Quentin Tarantino outed himself as a less than faithful football fan by attending a director’s roundtable alongside The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips, PreciousLee Daniels and those Academy-bound exes Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron. What, none of these nerds cared about the Saints at all? Get a closer look in the gallery below.

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