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Twilight’s Non-Cullen Vampires, From Cam Gigandet To Jamie Campbell Bower, Compete For This Week’s Hotness

Dakota Fanning, Cam Gigandet, Casey Labow and other Twilight vamps compete for this week's hotness

If you’re like us, you’ve been following this election nonstop for a while — and if you’re like us, you mean the presidential election as much as the Twi-Fight going on over on MTV. Now we’re on pins and needles waiting to see if Kate or Jasper could possibly pull off an upset against Bella and Edward. But we also think it was kind of sadistic to pit the Cullens against any of the other vampires in the franchise. That’s why we decided to make our own little contest here this week — and to make the criteria a little bit simpler: we’re asking you to judge Volturi, Denalis, Amazonians and James’ crew all alike, purely based on their hotness. This is also tough, considering the fact that in Stephenie Meyer‘s mythology, all vampires are hot. But your blood might sing for some more than others. We managed to narrow this down to 20 vamps in all, now it’s your turn! Peruse the pics and vote. Poll closes Monday at 8 a.m.

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First Look At Ten New Breaking Dawn Faces!

Step right up Twi-Hards, it’s time to put a face to the names of some favorite Breaking Dawn vamps and tramps! Summit Entertainment has just issued a press release giving a rundown of the folks who’ll be bringing the Amazon, Egyptian, Irish and Romanian Covens to life on the big screen for the epic two-parter. Also listed were the American and European Nomads.

Perhaps most recognizable on the list is Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies fame, who will be portraying Garrett of the American Nomads. Also familiar from his turn in Across The Universe is Joe Anderson, who signed to appear as the European nomad Alistair. And Lost alum Andrea Gabriel joins the Egyptian coven as Kebi. Check out the gallery below to get a first look at some of the other faces you can expect to see in the Twilight finale!

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