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Allure‘s Nude Pics Of Heidi Klum, Others Are Supposed To Make Us Feel Better About Our Bodies

So we have more tastefully nude pics to add to the portraits of Maria Menounos and Debra Messing we saw yesterday, from Allure‘s “Naked Truth” issue. Heidi Klum, Taraji P. Henson, Leslie Bibb and Morena Baccarin also stripped down for the breathtaking black-and-white photo spread. And because Allure is not Maxim, these photos are supposedly meant not to titillate but to make women feel better about their bodies. Huh? Actually, they just made me put aside the sleeve of Girl Scout cookies I was about to eat for breakfast. We learn in the accompanying video featuring everyone but Heidi that the ladies did feel slightly nervous about dropping trou for the shoot. Some even — gasp! — admitted to dieting.

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“I told my friends [about the shoot], mostly because I’ve been starving myself for three weeks. And so when they ask me to go out to dinner, I have to preface it by saying, ‘Well, I’m actually not eating now,’ ” Homeland star Baccarin said. “Part of me wanted to say, ‘I don’t diet.’ But I do, and I work really hard to look the way that I look. I think that that’s comforting for women to know the truth.”
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