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Liberty Ross’ Career Could Take Off Following Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart Affair

Liberty Ross at Lawless premiere

This is not a story about blame or victimization or betrayal — this is about turning lemons into lemonade, Hollywood style. Radar reports that Rupert Sanders‘ wife, Liberty Ross, is reaping the benefits of her husband’s “indiscretion” with Kristen Stewart. And this is one rumor that totally makes sense to us. Previously, Ross was well known in European fashion circles as a model and occasional avant garde filmmaker — she’s done covers in major magazines and writes her own Vogue U.K. style blog — but her mainstream acting career was pretty under the radar. Until the day her husband and his Snow White and the Huntsman star were plastered all over the tabs, of course. Then everyone, VH1 Celebrity included, was Googling her name, discovering her small roles in SWATH and W.E., admiring her exotic look on her website, generally wondering who this 33-year-old mother of two really is. And, Radar claims, some of those searchers were casting directors.

“The scripts have been flooding in, and she has already received audition offers on the back of Rupert’s affair,” a source told the gossip site. “Liberty is delighted that she’s being finally recognized, she wants to pursue a career in the movies and is desperate to make more. She would of preferred if it had happened in a different way, but press is press.”

Whether or not that’s a credible source, it’s a credible statement. And after seeing Ross make an appearance at the Lawless premiere last week (pictured above) — she’s friends with singer Nick Cave, who co-wrote the screenplay — we can tell she’s ready to take advantage of the spotlight, whatever the reason it’s being pointed at her. Good luck, Liberty!

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Rupert Sanders’ Wife Liberty Ross Meets With Divorce Lawyers … To Plan Reconciliation

Liberty Ross

We totally get why Liberty Ross, the fourth party in the whole horrible Rupert Sanders-Kristen Stewart affair, is sending mixed messages about her relationship status with her director husband. The actress/model been walking around L.A. without her wedding ring, indicating she is none to happy with Rupert’s dalliances. But on Tuesday, they both were photographed outside an office building where they purportedly were getting couples therapy. And then yesterday, Liberty was snapped outside a different office building that is the workplace of several divorce lawyers. TMZ has sources that say she wasn’t there to plan a permanent split, however. Rather, she wants to reconcile with the father of her two young children.

So, somehow, a lawyer is going to help assure her that Sanders won’t cheat again? We’re very unsure of how that legal process works. Then again, it could be all about striking fear and remorse into his unfaithful heart. This woman, a successful model and fashion icon across the pond, moved to L.A. to support her husband’s fledgling career. At the very least, she deserves to get in writing that he’s not going anywhere near the Snow White and the Huntsman sequel.

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Kristen Stewart Earns Charlize Theron’s Wrath? The Terrible Stories Keep Coming

Liberty Ross, Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Lily Cole

We were just nodding our heads in agreement with Crushable’s editorial, urging people to stop calling Kristen Stewart a homewrecker without putting any blame on the actual married person in the affair, Rupert Sanders, when we got this terrible story from Radar Online, which basically indicates that Charlize Theron thinks Kristen Stewart is a homewrecker.

“Charlize is absolutely fuming with Kristen for having an affair with Rupert,” the gossip site quotes an “insider” as saying. “She is very tight with Liberty, has often socialized with the family over dinner and cannot believe Kristen has done this.”

Sanders’ wife, Liberty Ross, played Stewart’s mother in Snow White and the Huntsman, and Theron befriended both of her co-stars on the set. The story goes on to state how Theron feels sympathy for Liberty and her two children and thinks Kristen betrayed her trust. Of course, this all sounds like pure speculation to us. Probably, if you were friends with two people and one of them had an affair with the other’s husband, you would be fuming too. But also, if this is true, we hope Charlize keeps up with the “older sister” feelings she has for Kristen and maybe guides her through this difficult time.

But again, we wonder where the anger is for director Sanders, who’s supposed to be the older and wiser person in all of this. And is this week OVER yet?


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Robert Pattinson Is “Heartbroken,” Moves Out And Other Sad News Of The KStew-Sanders Aftermath

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

After the world of Robsten blew up yesterday, and fans cross their fingers that Kristen Stewart’s public apology is just part of a real attempt to patch things up with Robert Pattinson, the gossips are all hunting for clues about how much RPattz — and Rupert Sanders’ wife Liberty Ross — knew was going on before the rest of the world. Most devastating is this quote from the New York Post from a witness backstage at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night: “Rob and Kristen were having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading.”

But they looked so sweet together onstage! Could he actually have found out THAT NIGHT? Sounds like a nightmare. But we can’t really put a whole lot of stock in this account — they could have just been having a heated debate over Rob’s decision to give the surfboards away to the fans. Still, this is the only thing we have to go on about what his reaction to her makeout session might have been.

People is now reporting that Pattinson has moved out of the L.A. home he shared with Stewart.

That kind of meshes with his quote in Vanity Fair back in April, when he seemed pretty intolerant of infidelity: “There’s a thing I’ve never got, why do people cheat? I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy. If I choose to be with someone, it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100 percent into it.”
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Rupert Sanders Apologizes For Cheating With Kristen Stewart, Our Brains Continue To Explode

Rupert Sanders Apologizes For Cheating With Kristen Stewart

If you had told us we would spend today blogging about the detonation of RobSten, we would have done a five-minute-long spit take, then demanded you get out of our cubicles. Unfortunately, seeing as how Kristen Stewart‘s apology to Robert Pattinson for cheating on him with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders has been immediately followed by Sanders’ own apology, we guess we’re resigned to the fact that this is actually happening. “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family,” the director told People in a statement. “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.” Maybe we can pretend this isn’t happen for just a little while long? Please? Please?

Of course, as we pointed out this morning, it was the director’s wife, model Liberty Ross, who offered the first public reaction to the impending scandal. “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together,” she retweeted before deleting her Twitter account. Ross also allegedly posted a photo of a drunken Snow White to her (now deleted) Instagram account. Her comment on the photo? “Not so pretty and pure.” Oh lordy. Why is there never a fainting couch around when we need one?

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Rupert Sanders And Liberty Ross: Everything We Know About The Other Couple In This Robsten Rumor

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman

While Twi-hards are trying to wrap their heads around the devastating possibility that Kristen Stewart would ever THINK of looking at another man other than Robert Pattinson, we decided to turn our attention to the other couple at the center of this rumor: Rupert Sanders and his wife, Liberty Ross. Here’s what we know about these two:

  • The 41-year-old director and 33-year-old model/actress have been married for seven years. They have two children, Skylar and Tennyson. The Brits moved to L.A. seven years ago for the sake of Rupert’s career.
  • Snow White and the Huntsman is Sanders’ directorial debut. He earned his rep as a director of commercials, earning an award for his Halo 3 ad. This story from the Guardian details how he very creatively snagged the SWATH gig.
  • Liberty’s got a strong career in high fashion, with spreads in Vogue, Elle, I-D and the like. She also makes avant-garde films. Here’s one of her blogs for Vogue U.K.
  • Liberty reportedly posted an Instagram pic showing Disney’s Snow White drunk, with the caption “Not so pretty and pure.” She also reportedly retweeted a quote from Marilyn Monroe that said, “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” Her accounts have since been deleted.
  • Liberty’s brother is Atticus Ross, Trent Reznor‘s collaborator on The Social Network and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtracks.

Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart

  • Liberty not only played the role of Snow White’s ill-fated mother, Queen Eleanor, in SWATH, she felt very involved in the whole production, based on what she wrote on her site after the premiere. Read more…