Lily Allen Discusses Her Eating Disorder, Miscarriage On New Series

Pop singer Lily Allen has a roller-coaster of a personal life, and on her new television series, she’s been opening up about some of the darker moments in her past. On  the show Lily Allen: Riches to Rags, Allen talks about her bulimia, saying “I used to vomit after meals. It’s not something I’m proud of. But, I tell you what, a lot of people came up to me telling me how great I looked and I’d be on the cover of every magazine. I thought I looked good and it was great to be able to try on clothes and feel a million dollars. But I wasn’t happy, I really wasn’t. I would love to be the skinniest minniest person in the world but I can’t do that without being unhappy—I like food.”

Allen also talks about her very public miscarriage, which she suffered in October, 2010 as filming for her show was coming to a close. “It was a really long battle. I think that kind of thing changes a person,”Allen says after losing her baby six months into her pregnancy.

The rest of the series will focus on Allen and her sister Sarah as they open a clothing store in London. The first episode airs in Britain on Channel 4 on March 15.

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Lily Allen, Elizabeth Hurley Busted For Twitter Shout-Outs

We get spoiled with famous people like Kanye West who seem to have Twitter connected directly to their brains. Turns out some British celebs have tweets sent directly from their wallets. Authorities are now targeting stars like Lily Allen and Elizabeth Hurley for using Twitter to advertise products without their fans knowing about it. The Office of Fair Trading in the U.K. are calling these pay-for-tweet partnerships “deceptive” to the celebs’ many followers. So, what’s the likelihood Courtney Love has just been selling extra-strength crazy pills this whole time?

Apparently current consumer protection laws require spokespeople to identify which of their tweets are product-placement versus those that are personal. “People shouldn’t be misled. If someone has been paid to advertise a product they should declare it. It’s not specific to celebrities,” the OFT explains. Violating the law can mean a hefty fine. Hurley tweeted just last week about products by Estee Lauder, for which she is a long-time spokeperson. “If your skin is dry from too much central heating, try Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist serum. Just used for first time & it’s divine,” the actress wrote, while Allen has given shout-outs to Grey Goose vodka. We can believe how devious this is! We’re going to unfollow all celebrities just as soon as we finish putting on this moisturizer and drinking this martini. Wait a minute…

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Lily Allen Joins The Holiday Engagement Parade

We definitely thought we had heard silver bells on Friday. Turns out they were actually wedding bells for the approximately 1 billion celebrity couples getting engaged over the holidays, which now includes Lily Allen‘s engagement to boyfriend Sam Cooper. Cooper reportedly took a knee while the couple were vacationing in Bali on Christmas Day. “Lily is absolutely beaming and emotional at the same time,” said a source close to the couple. The pair was so excited, they immediately started telling their fellow vacationers the happy news. Some children get to wake up to the magical sound of reindeer hoofs on the roof, others to singer-songwriter Lily Allen pounding on their hotel room door to show off her rock.

2010 was a particularly hard year for Allen, who suffered from her second miscarriage in November. The first was in 2007 with then-boyfriend Ed Simons of The Chemical Brothers. “She had no idea Sam was going to propose and said ‘Yes’ instantly. He’s been her rock for her since the couple lost their baby and she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him,” said the source. We wish the happy couple all the luck in the world, and look forward to January 2 when we won’t have to be repeatedly reminded of our singledom by famous people in love. At least until February 14, that is.

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Lily Allen Still Sick And In Hospital After Losing Her Baby

Lily Allen lost her baby after being pregnant for six months and she’s still in hospital receiving medical care. Lily’s suffering from septicemia but managed to tweet a grateful message saying, “Thank you for all your kind messages.”

Her sudden bout of ill-health came right after losing the baby, and she had to be taken to hospital, again, from her home in Gloucestershire where she had been recuperating. Septicemia is pretty serious because the patient’s blood is poisoned, but her spokesperson spoke of her recovery stating, “Lily Allen is back in hospital, where she is being treated for septicaemia. She is responding well to treatment and her condition continues to improve.Lily thanks everyone for their messages of support and again asks that she and partner Sam Cooper be left alone whilst she recovers.’

We wish her the very best and hope she’s back on her feet soon.


Style Wars: Who’s Rocking The Cutest Maternity Wear?

Maybe it’s the slow ticking time bomb we call our biological clock that has us so focused on mothers-to-be lately – we’re obsessed with Christina Applegate‘s maternity style and we’re dying for the moment Mariah Carey admits she’s pregnant. So we can’t help but love checking out the style of other celebs who are expecting.

This weekend, Lily Allen and Alicia Keys were both out and about, looking fresh and fab – we just can’t decide whose look we like best. Place your vote for who made the most of this Labor Day weekend (while preparing for their own labor day) in our style poll.

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Lily Allen To Write Music For Bridget Jones Musical

In the most British-girl-power-y perfect storm of events we can think of, it’s been announced that Lily Allen will write the music for a Bridget Jones’ Diary musical. Our excitement for this is only eclipsed by the forthcoming Spice Girls musical that’s also in production.

The musical has already been workshopped and the producers are hoping it will be staged on the West End in London sometime next year. It’s being produced by the same folks that brought us Billy Elliott the musical, which won 10 Tony Awards, so here’s to hoping that Bridget and her granny panties will be just as successful. If anyone can make a song about weight loss and holiday sweaters catchy, it will certainly be Lily.


Style Wars: Lily Allen Vs. Zoe Saldana At The Glamour Awards

Sometimes people just look better in black. Two of our favorite looks at Glamour‘s Women Of The Year Awards in London (which mostly consisted of British models for Nick Jonas to gawk at) came from Lily Allen, rocking massive sheer sleeves with a long black dress, and Zoe Saldana, who wore a short black mini with an embroidered lace top. Check out the gallery below (featuring Anna Kendrick, Nicole Richie and Kelly Rowland) and let us know who worked it better in our TheFABLife poll.

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Tila Tequila Has A Nipple Slip


Prior to Tila Tequila announcing her engagement, Tila and “fiance” Casey Johnson walked the red carpet at the Famous Stars and Straps 10th Anniversary and Snoop Dogg’s 10th Album Event and had a little slip of the nip. That’s right – Tila’s areolas just popped out of her top and posed for the cameras too. Although Tila’s nipples made their red carpet debut, she’s not the fist celebrity to have a little booby wardrobe malfunction. Check out our gallery of other celebrity nipple slips! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lily Introduces Her Bling With Another Nip Slip


Lily Allen launched her new range of jewelery in London’s chi-chi Claridges hotel this week, and looked like an extremely sophisticated young businesswomen while doing so. Comprising “Lily Allen” nameplates (hey, did someone forget to tell us about the 1999 revival?), letters, chunky panda necklaces, fish earrings, a “coin” range and more, the collection looked cute — but we have to admit still having a sneaky preference for Nicole Richie‘s gorgeous House of Harlow line.

In typical Lily style, she inadvertently flashed a boob during the photocall, but otherwise kept it demure and stylish. Sigh — whatever happened to that sneaker-and-ballgown-wearing girl of a few years ago? [Photo: Getty Images]


Alexa Chung Is Coming Your Way

Americans give the English Barack Obama (for a couple days, at least), and the English are giving us another TV presenter to take over the schedules just like Cat Deeley. Currently the darling of the stylish London party scene (she’s mates with Kelly Osbourne, the Geldof girls and Lily Allen amongst others), Alexa Chung has presented countless music and fashion-based TV shows and has been heralded by the style press in London as the coolest girl going. Which she kind of is. And she’s headed to Brooklyn (of course).

“Alexa has been offered a big show over there so she’s heading off this summer. She’s picked out an apartment really near to Daisy Lowe‘s in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn, close to where Peaches Geldof moved last year,” says a source.  Agyness watch out – let the hipster-off begin!

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