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Chevy Chase, Christian Bale, Bill O’Reilly — Who Is The Best Celeb Ranter?

So, the audio of Chevy Chase’s voicemail message for Community executive producer Dan Harmon is making the rounds today, complete with the sound of people laughing as they listen to the actor calling the showrunner a “fat f—,” “sh– stinko” and “g–damn bad writer.” This was reportedly in response to Harmon leading chants of “f— Chevy” at a wrap party, after Chase walked off the set before finishing the last episode. Such antics, by both Chase and Harmon, would have seemed a whole lot more shocking a few years ago. Before Charlie Sheen. And Christian Bale. And… well, let’s just go through our favorite examples of celebrities telling off their bosses is a way none of us would ever dare. Then vote and tell us which you think was the most outrageous.

Bill O’Reilly: At some point during his tenure on Inside Edition (1989-95), O’Reilly took issue with the TelePrompter cues for him to throw to a Sting video. And thus, “F— it! We’ll do it live!” became his most infamous catch phrase.

Lily Tomlin: A whole new generation got to know the comedian after videos surfaced of her various fights with director David O. Russell on the I Heart Huckabees set in 2004. “F– you, mother—-er. F— you, f— you, f— you,” she says as Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Huppert and Mark Wahlberg sit quietly in the car with her.
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