by (@hallekiefer)

Linda Hamilton Invites Herself To Marine Ball

Seeing as how everyone and their wise-cracking grandma have received one, Linda Hamilton’s Marine Ball invite shouldn’t be that surprising, except for that part about how she  invited herself…to go with Betty White’s Marine. “Rumor has it that you like your actresses vintage,” Hamilton says in a video to Sgt. Ray Lewis, who had unsuccessfully asked out the Hot In Cleveland star. “I thought I would just take a shot here and try to find you… Look, I know that I am no Betty White, but I would be really, really thrilled — if you can’t find anybody else, and I know that’s unlikely — to go to the ball with you. I could go!” Oh girl, no. Would Mila Kunis beg? Forget that; would Rose Nylund beg?

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’s Marine Ball invite came courtesy of one Private First Class Hart, who suggests they could “Party In the U.S.A.” Doesn’t he know Miley can’t be tamed? At least Hamilton and her potential date have a few things in common like really jacked arms and…um..a palpable aura of desperation?

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