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Massive Turn Out At Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Premiere

We’d lost track of how many Pirates of the Caribbean films have been churned out so far, but obviously the rest of the world hasn’t. And thanks to the massive premiere Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides had yesterday at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, we now know that the franchise is up to its fourth installment now. But this wasn’t any other screening. Apart from a slinky black carpet instead of the usual red, this was the world’s first outdoor 3-D premiere! An open-air  theater was specially constructed and tickets to attend ran at $1,000 a pop. Which was a very nice touch because all proceeds from the premiere were donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

The cast turned up in full force with Penelope Cruz, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards (and his wife, Patti Hansen), Geoffrey Rush, the intriguingly named Astrid Berges-Frisbey and our new golden boy Sam Claflin. Apart from them, Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted being all BFF, Jodie Foster turned up in sunglasses (at night), Steven Tyler hung out with Mickey Mouse and Lorenzo Lamas brought his fifth wife Shawna Craig. The Dancing With The Stars crew showed up too, with Bruno Tonioli, Lacey Schwimmer, Chelsie Hightower, Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy walking the plank carpet. And American Idol blasts from the pasts too — we know you remember David Cook, but how about Blake Lewis?! Lots more to look at in our gallery below.

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Celebrity Baby Bump Flaunters: From The Prudish To The Shameless

When we saw pregnant Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak posing for the cover of In Touch Weekly wearing what looked to be a hand-me down bra and a weird pair of sheer panties last week, we immediate thought to ourselves, “That woman has no shame!” After the shock wore off, we began thinking: A) What other celebrities have flaunted their baby bumps on the cover of national magazines and B) Was their pursuit of fame more naked than their actual bodies?

Well, as we discovered during an intense round of research, there are two types of celebrities who use their unborn children to score themselves more publicity: the Prudes and the Shameless. Not every pregnant celebrity wants to pull a Demi Moore, you see. Some, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Celine Dion, don’t want to offend their base by showing too much skin. Others, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, clearly see Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover as a necessary (and fun!) step in advancing one’s career and deem it necessary to push cultural boundaries. So, what do your favorite celebrities score on either the Prude Meter™ or Shameless Meter™? There’s only way to find out!

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Lisa Rinna And Harry Hamlin Try For Another Baby Despite Being Crazy Old

Turn your grandma away from the computer screen or else she is going to get some crazy new-fangled ideas, now that olds Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin are trying to have another baby. Despite the fact that Lisa is 47 and Harry is Rip Van Winkle-old, sources say the couple is gearing up to add Baby #3 to the family, joining tween daughters Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray. “The timing is just perfect now and the girls are at a great age,” an insider says. “How much fun would it be to watch these two as they prepare for another child?” More fun than what? Witnessing your own Pepaw and Memaw try to get with child? At least there are laws against watching that; no laws exist to spare us from Harry Loves Lisa, season 2.

Though Rinna hasn’t made an official statement confirming her baby quest, she has definitely hinted that procreation is on the menu. “In the mean time all I can say is trying is the fun part. Wink.” WINK INDEED! We just winked too, but it was actually our brains trying to shut our eyes forever against the image of their wrinkly love-making.

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Dancing With The Stars Celebrates 200 Cringe-Worthy Episodes

Dozens of almost forgotten B-listers turned out last night to pay tribute to the reason they’re still relevant. Dancing With The Stars celebrated it’s 200th episode last night with a party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, and all of your favorite hot-to-trot familiar faces were on hand!

Old alums John O’Hurley, Cheryl Burke, Stacy Keibler and newly-lipped Lisa Rinna strutted their dancing shoes across the red carpet, and current contestants Bristol Palin, Florence Henderson and Jennifer Grey were also in attendance. It’s amazing to think that only five years ago, seeing out-of-work actors tango and awkwardly force sexual chemistry on TV was just a dream. Now it puts the harsh reality in “reality television.”

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Overshare Alert! Lisa Rinna’s New Lips Make Kissing, “Something Else” Much Easier

It’s sort of sweet to find out that Lisa Rinna’s new post-surgery lips make smooching her husband Harry Hamlin a breeze. But she couldn’t have just stopped there, could she? “Trust me,” Rinna says coyly, “now that I have removed the silicone from my lips, I feel sexier and Harry loves them. It makes kissing and something else much easier.” Ugh, Lisa, come on! That overshare was so wrong, part of our brain just shut down. At the end of the series The Walking Dead, they’ll probably reveal the zombies were just people who read that quote about Lisa sexing her husband. That being said, if Rinna had a medical procedure that makes kissing, among other things, feel like she’s making out with a helium balloon, we’re glad she took the steps to finally get it fixed.

Explains Lisa, “I remove the cover of magazines when girls who have had too much plastic surgery are on them. That’s the last thing my girls need to see. All these young Hollywood actresses need to stop trying to be the next Angelina Jolie and learn to love themselves.” You’re going to have to remove more than just some magazine covers, Lisa. For starters, all of your family pictures from the past 15 years.

Lisa also warns women who might still be considering the silicone lip injections Rinna maintained for years: “I want young women to learn to love themselves. You don’t need to change anything especially your lips.” Lisa is nothing if not the poster child for bad plastic surgery. Maybe she can start a D.A.R.E.-type program that visits acting classes and rehab clinic, sort of a Scared Straight for struggling actresses. First stop: Betty Ford.

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Get Ready To Barf At Lisa Rinna’s Casting Couch Memories

Ugh. As if Gwyneth Paltrow’s tale of epic inappropriateness wasn’t enough, now Lisa Rinna’s casting couch experience is out in the open…and mega-gross. Says Rinna, when she was 24 “I lost a role on a BIG TV series because I wouldn’t bend over a chair in a producers office for ‘just a quickie.'” Excuse us, we have to clean all this barf off our keyboards now. Explains Lisa, “‘Just pull your panties down and bend over and the role is yours,’ he said to me.” Ugh, what is wrong with people that they would ask that of  someone? Don’t they know this barf is very difficult to clean from between all these little keys?!?

Reportedly Rinna has never told anyone the producer’s name, not even husband Harry Hamlin. Lisa did see the creep again however, this time at a red-carpet event while she was appearing on Melrose Place. The producer came up to congratulate her (see, this is why you always carry a taser) and Lisa told him, “I know everyone in this town and if you ever do what you did to me again to anyone else I will tell everyone your dirty secret.” If we were Rinna, we would just wait to announce his name during our Emmy acceptance speech for Harry Loves Lisa. Or in sky-writing. Heck, if Lisa wants to whisper it in our ear we’ll slowly drive down Broadway with a bullhorn right now!


Lisa Rinna’s Lips Get Downsized

Self-proclaimed plastic surgery “freak” Lisa Rinna has finally taken an effort to restore her face to it’s natural state. It’s shocking because Rinna is famous for three things: her marriage to Harry Hamlin, her stint as a soap opera actress, and her ginormous upper lip, which makes Meg Ryan‘s duck bill look adorable and amateur by comparison. Yet she says she grew tired of being known for her pout. She told People “My lips started to define who I am. That bothered me.” We’ve never been immune to poking fun at Rinna’s lips, but it’s only because she so doesn’t need them – have you seen her body? Girlfriend is hot and those lips were only (literally, heavily) dragging her down.

Rinna decided that after 24 years of plumping (yes, she’s been doing it since the 80s!) to have her lips reduced. After her lip reduction, she says her mouth is no longer “bumpy and uneven… my lip has no lumps! It’s smooth.”

Welcome back to the no lumps club, girl! You can finally whistle again! In memory of her old lips, please enjoy the roundup of her best never-to-be-seen-again pouts.


Hot Messes Rule Us “Hot Hollywood” Party

Ciara, Kelly Osbourne & Jennifer Lopez

Us Magazine scored an impressive number of celebrities for their Hot Hollywood party in LA last night—too bad they took “hot” to mean “gaudy and loud.” While Ciara‘s skimpy canary yellow mini-dress looked like a popcorn bag, at least she didn’t go meta like Kelly Osbourne, with her little black dress reading “LITTLE BLACK DRESS” on the back. But despite those flops and other questionable choices like Anna Kendrick‘s sea-blue shirt and skirt and Sheryl Crow‘s sundress (no one’s a hippie at an Us party, Sheryl), we’d have to crown Jennifer Lopez the hottest mess at Hot Hollywood for yet again busting out the J-Lo Face. To be honest, we’re a little tired of Marc Anthony, too. Shouldn’t the mobster be bigger than his moll? Check out these stars and more in the gallery and make your own zings.

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Clash Of The Titans Premiere: Release The Pratt!

Alexa Davolos, Sam Worthington, Stephanie Pratt

For a movie hoping to follow Avatar and Alice In Wonderland into the impressive crop of 2010 3-D blockbusters, Clash Of The Titans couldn’t muster much support from Hollywood’s elite. We get why Lisa Rinna scored a ticket to the LA premiere—husband Harry Hamlin starred in the ’80s version—but Alyssa Milano? Stephanie Pratt? Antonio Sabato, Jr.? The Used? Whoever was in charge of the guest list might have been better off letting hot rising stars Sam Worthington and Alexa Davalos hype the movie without those red carpet revelers—judging from the ads, the film will provide more than enough mythological beasts of yore. See the parade in the gallery below.

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Lisa Rinna Apologizes For Bashing Heidi Montag’s Surgery

Lisa Rinna & Heidi Montag

While Lisa Rinna probably isn’t the first mom to say Heidi Montag‘s cosmetic surgery binge was a bad influence on teenage girls, Rinna might be the first mom to do so behind a pair of artificially plumped limps. “I will tell you I had to take [Heidi’s People] cover off before it came in the house,” Rinna told Fancast last weekend. “We have two girls. I don’t think it is something you want to bring in the house and say, ‘Oh, look.’…Obviously, we are raising two young girls. Anything that has to do with weight issues, I think you just have to be really careful…I mean, you know – to each his own, is all I will say.” Don’t worry, you can’t actually OD on irony.

At the very least aware some people think she’s a hypocrite, Rinna gave a half-hearted apology on Twitter. “I apologize to Miss Montag if my words were taken and used against her in the press. I did not slam her or her surgeries for the record.” Hmm…maybe she just pulled off the cover so her kids wouldn’t think massive cosmetic overhauls were newsworthy.

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